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Is Spell Check Making Us Stupid?


This past summer, I sat in a little pizza and wing pub in a town outside Pittsburgh and had lunch. An array of televisions decorates the place, generally showing sports or action movies for people to watch in the background…

Top 10 Free Blackberry Apps for January 2010


How do you bring copious amounts of joy to BlackBerry smartphone users? By releasing a high-quality, super useful app that comes without a price tag. New apps are being developed for our mobile devices faster than anyone can keep up…

Best of 2009: Televisions


On the outside, most televisions look pretty much the same. They’re rectangular, they’re thin, and they’re usually covered with black plastic. But it’s what is inside that can make the difference between whether the unit costs $400 or $4,000, and…

Best of 2009: Playstation 3 Games


It’s Christmas day, we at technogog hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. It’s the end of the year again folks, in case you hadn’t noticed. That white stuff out on the grass – that’s called…

2009 Holiday Buying Guide: Top 10 Gadgets


Have someone on your holiday list who loves a good quality gadget? Of course you do – how could you not? Whether you need some brand spankin’ new gadgets for your hubby or your son (or you’re trying to catch…

2009 Holiday Buying Guide: Top 10 Console Games


These days, chances are there is at least one person on your Christmas shopping list who is a console gamer. With the gamer demographic becoming more expanded, you could just as well be needing a Christmas present for your five…

Windows 7 Was My Idea


One of the greatest things on television are advertisements by computer companies. Okay – maybe that’s a stretch – but the ad battle between computer companies over the last several years is pretty entertaining and competitive. From ridiculous comedy to…

Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter for Nintendo DS


A few years back, a super interesting game was born. It was a game where you got to fully design your own character, draw parts of the levels you were tackling, create your own tools and use your imagination to…

PowerMat Wireless Charging Unit


The PowerMat is one of the most talked-about gadgets to hit shelves this fall. A wireless charging mat, the general concept of the mat is simple: place your electronic device on the mat, and it will charge. It is, in effect, trying to invent wireless electricity.

My Secret Diary – Nintendo DS


My Secret Diary is the seventh O-Games title I’ve had the ability to review. While I haven’t been impressed whatsoever by the other two titles in the My Games series (My Dress-Up and My Make-Up), My Secret Diary offers a little bit more substance and is the first game in the series that may actually have a justifiable existence. While the other My games offer little to do and no reason to do it, My Secret Diary has some hint of a purpose and reason for a young girl to give it a few moments of their time. I’m not saying it’s the next Final Fantasy, but at least it’s something.

My Make-Up for Nintendo DS


I’m not the target market for My Make-Up. I’m not a nine year-old girl bored to death with no other means of entertainment and no method of social interaction. That doesn’t prevent me from knowing what does and doesn’t make for a good video game. If you read my recent review of this game’s counterpart, My Dress-Up, you’ll already know the verdict. It’s the exact same bit of slag, but on a face instead of on the body.

How Stuff Works: GPS Receivers


GPS is amazing technology. It’s also amazingly creepy technology. It’s a weird thing, having a satellite somewhere in space following your every move, allowing you to pinpoint your exact position on the globe within a few feet. It’s strange being…