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An Unofficial History of The Unboxing


Gadget pron, gadget porn, unboxing, unpacking, uncrate, it’s been called many things, but it’s The Unboxing. Why is it that we love to unbox our gadgets, what is it that excites us so much about unboxing a new gadget or…

How Stuff Works: A Computer CPU


You’ve got a brain, right? Sure you do! And so does your computer. But instead of a soft, squishy blob of neurons and axons and synapses, your computer has a small square chip about the size of a Triscuit cracker…

10 Internet Memes That Can Still Make You Laugh


Do you still laugh at Keyboard Cat, Kanye’s Interruption and Chuck Norris facts? You’re not alone… the reason memes become popular to begin with is they’re humorous and addictive. These 10 memes can still tickle the funny bone.

Upgrading to Windows 7


If you’ve paid any attention to what’s going on in a couple days then you’ll know that the new operating system from Microsoft is set to launch, October 22nd to be more specific. It’s called Windows 7, while I’m not…

How Stuff Works: LCD TVs


Half the people I encounter don’t know what LCD stands for, and even less really know what’s going on inside that rectangle they spend hours peering at every day. With the rise of HDTV, Blu-Ray, hi-def gaming and the digital…

How Stuff Works: Computer Graphics Cards


You know the words you’re reading right now? You’re seeing them thanks to your computer’s graphics card. The game you just played? Yeah, that was the graphics card too, big guy. Without your computer’s graphics card, your monitor is as…

How Stuff Works – Cell Phone Towers


There is an object near you right now that is extremely technical. Maybe it’s in your pocket, or in a holster on your belt. Perhaps sitting on your desk, or in your purse. It could even be in your hand,…

Linux, Linux, Linux, so what’s the big deal?


Microsoft is starting to ramp up a massive offensive against Linux, your IT people either love or hate it, you’ll occasionally see someone with a penguin T-shirt that says “Linux”, and every so often, you’ll see computers being sold with…

How Stuff Works: DVDs and DVD Players


Nobody needs to be told about the impact that DVDs, and now Blu-Ray, have had on our home entertainment standards. It’s become all we know in regards to tangible home movie solutions, obliterating the VHS tape out of our lives…

Pepcom 2009 Holiday Spectacular Recap


Thursday, I had the opportunity to check out this years Pepcom Holiday Spectacular press preview event. It was held in New York City at the Metropolitan Pavilion and featured numerous companies showing off their latest and greatest products. Companies ranged…