Weekly Giveaway #12 – SilverStone Noble Breeze and five 2gig USB drives

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Hello, and welcome to another edition of technogog Giveaway! This would be week #12 and this week we’ve got the SilverStone Noble Breeze NB01 Notebook Cooler for you along with five more 2gig USB drives! As always you don’t have to do much to win, but read on to learn more about the prizes and see what you’ve got to do…

So, there are five 2gig USB drives up for grabs, these are them:

DSCF7864 DSCF7870 DSCF7871 DSCF7872 DSCF7876

And we have the SilverStone Noble Breeze NB01 Notebook Cooler as well.


It’s got three fans, and it’s made of aluminum, not exactly portable, but it will do a decent job of cooling your laptop or notebook.


Contest ends Saturday the August 8th 2009.

To enter just tell me which one you’d like to win in the comments below.

As always links to the contest from your Twitter or wherever would be greatly appreciated to let other people know about them and give them a chance as well to win.

  • Isahbella R

    I wouldn’t mind winning the noble breeze thing, i always use my laptop but at the bottom it becomes very burning hot after a while, i hope if i win it will be alot of help to me and everyone else in my house that has a laptop that heats up like mine. So if i win, not only i will be happy, but many will be happy!
    anyways thanx for the contest!!!

  • Kat C.

    The notebook cooler is cool; i’d like that. but the killer prize would be that chicken feet usb, OMG I’m in love!

  • Melanie Lee

    I love the flip flop USB drive. I would pick that one.

  • Melanie Lee


  • mendel

    Noble Breeze!
    Please? 🙂
    It’s 32° degrees celcius in here 😮

  • M

    Laptop too hot…need cooler…kthxbai! <3

  • raybunker

    I’ll pass on the notebook cooler, but either the tennis shoe or chicken foot usb key
    would be cool… thanks!

  • werty316

    I’ll take the chicken’s foot please and thanks!


  • nolonger

    I’ll take the tennis shoe USB drive! Thank you!

  • Lisette

    The shoe and santa USB drives are both awesome! 😀

  • x.clay

    Toss my name in the hat for the laptop cooler 🙂

  • slugbug

    I’d like the Laptop Cooler please 🙂

  • I like the sneaker or the flip flop oh shoes lol

    I like the sneaker its so cute and so is the flip flop.shoes shoes A girl can never have enough shoes for her feet for her flash drive you name it,lol

  • bartholomew Henry

    Our laptop is steaming between two people sharing it. I’d love that SilverStone. Besides it’s August in NY, maybe I’ll crawl in there as well.

  • Carlos

    Hi everyone i’m soplox i just need one of the USB drives cuz i dont have a laptop why? because i dont have any, well i used to have one but now is corrupted. And it was my “right hand” on the university cuz i used it to save my works my project and also to travel data to my friends’ houses, but now that i dont have any i dont know what to do cuz i start the university again on August 17 and they’re too expensive here whee i live and i dont have a credit card to buy one online that’s why i decided to enter in this giveaway. I just need to be ready for the professors cuz i’m studying computer science and the professors gives a LOT of work on computer. That’s why i need one USB Drive of those i really like the sneaker one but if already taken i dont mind, and good luck to everyone

  • tanka12345

    Twitters really slow at the moment (must be my ISP or their servers) so I couldn’t get the word out. 🙁

    The Noble Breeze looks awesome, and I’ve never tried a SilverStone product before (or struck it lucky in any of these awesome giveaways :P)

  • Gonzo Moreno

    Love the site. Have used it several times to research products. Would love the flip flop usb….very cool!!!

  • Breeze54

    The shoe USB drive is awesome. It looks worn in and beat up. Looks well traveled and would fit nicely on my messy desktop.

  • Isahbella R

    OMG! i totally adore the christmas tree USB (well, thats what it looks like to me.) its so cute and i need a USB. thx for the contest. i hope I win it. but gud luck to everyone else.

  • Tim Gerlitz

    I came across your extremely helpful site tonight while searching for a review of the Visio 55″ flat screen television. Your review really exceeded my expectations and I’m appreciative of the time and research that went into the article. With that said, I have a 4 year old daughter who has been using a computer since she was 6 months old, (key banger programs to start with). She is quite accomplished and I’m amazed at how easily children are able to develop computing skills. I am a single dad and spend most of my time with my daughter. I transfer videos over to her computer now and then and would really appreciate being considered for one of the USB drives…she would really get a kick out of the chicken foot, but all of the drives are you picture above are fun. Thanks for consideration and I look forward to crusing your site more!

  • Kristofer Brozio

    Winners this week are:
    bartholomew Henry : Silverstone Noble Breeze

    I like the sneaker or the flip flop oh shoes lol : flipflop USB drive

    Tim Gerlitz : chicken foot

    Carlos: Shoe

    Kat C. : Santa

    tanka12345: xmas tree USB

    Winners check your emails please.
    PLEASE NOTE: I’m having a problem with my technogog email so your email will be coming from my kbrozio @gmail address

  • slugbug

    Congrats winners.

  • Melanie Lee

    Congrats to all the winners! 🙂

  • Carlos

    I just received the shoe one today

  • Kristofer

    Contest is Over!