Weekly GiveAway #5 -Cooler Master and XTracPads

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So, we skipped a week in there… sorry, I had the flu and I didn’t do too much really last week… But this week I’ve got two great products for you!

First up is the Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler, this thing is massive, and it will definitely keep your CPU cool. Check out our review HERE


And I’ve got one for the girls, a pink XtracPads Logic mousepad. Then again, if you’re a guy and want a pink mousepad I guess you could enter as well. This is one of their brand new pads, it’s very thin and features an adhesive backing. Check out the review HERE for all the information.


What do you have to do to win?

Just leave a comment with which prize you want!!!

That’s it, very simple!

Enjoy and good luck!

  • mendel

    All right!
    Count me in for the Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler =)

  • method526

    wow awesome!!! 2nd on that TEC V10 cooler, please!

  • tapper

    I would like the V10 plees to stop my q6600 from melting!
    Overclock it like you stole it.

  • tapper

    I would like the V10 plees to stop my q6600 from melting my mobo!
    Overclock it like you stole it.

  • anonemus


    Please count me in for the V10! Will certainly pair well with my CM PSU 😀

  • veleb

    I guess my case is big enough for Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler, so I will try my luck 🙂

  • chaota

    I’m a guy, but that pink mousepad would be nice for my little sister. So I’m in. Thanks

  • Clayton C.

    Count me in for the CM V10 🙂

  • LockHead

    I definitely want to have the V10 😀

  • Marius

    I wish i could have the Cooler Master V10 Cpu Cooler. Goodluck to me, and to all of us 🙂 Thank you.

  • k7leafclover

    V10 V10 V10!!!

  • k7leafclover

    Dunno if my post posted….

    V10 V10 V10!!!!

  • LockHead

    Count me in please. I’d like to have that V10 😀

  • killy

    I wouldn’t mind the mousepad.

  • Thomas

    Ill go up for the v10 cooler if you dont mind lol :). Cool giveaway :).

  • David W.

    V10 is an amazing (and HUGE) device. Count me in for it!

  • slugbug

    I’ll take the Cooler Master V10 thanks. Now that’s a man’s cooler 🙂

  • Matthew

    I could totally use the CM V10

  • ashitosh

    I would love to use cooler master V10

  • Evaders99

    Mmm could try a good overclock with the V10

  • Pat

    The Cooler Master V10 Cpu Cooler sounds like just what I need to get my 3600 X2 over the 2.4GHZ hump. Sign me up for it!

  • (TSC)Bender

    I’m in for the CM V10 CPU Cooler. Good luck to everyone!

  • Sam

    CM V10 CPU Cooler looks awesome. Good luck folks

  • Skitzo_Zac

    I would love to get my hands on the V10 cooler.

  • Nav

    Count me in for the beefy V10 heatsink by Cooler Master!


    Count me in for the XTracPAds

  • werty316

    Count me in for the V10.

  • zachig

    Please count me in.

    I’d love to win that awesome V10 Cooler!

  • nolonger

    Mousepad please!

  • Apiario

    Count me in for the Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler. Good luck to all…

  • franksterkb891

    wow… i want that CM V10

  • Digerati

    Sign me up for that beast.

  • Kal

    Count me in as well!

  • Larisa

    I want the V10 cooler.Count me in! Goodluck!

  • Chris T

    Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler!

  • Pat

    V10 for sure!

  • Kristofer

    Winners for this week are: Killy for the XtracPads and Apiario for the V10 CPU Cooler… check your email for a message from me!

  • ed ryan buisan

    well, i hope am not too late..cm v10, good looks, great performance, sturdy brand and surely can make a hole in my pocket..hehehe

  • Kristofer