Apple iPhone 4 Unboxing – Quick Look

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So the fated day has come, actually it came a day early.  Apple and AT&T realized that Thursday’s activation frenzy will lead to equal frustrations equal to the ordering process fiasco so they let the folks who pre-ordered the iPhone 4 get them a day or two early to lessen the activation load.  Today the Fed-Ex truck paid me a visit and dropped off the new iPhone 4.  Hurray!

I have not yet had a chance to activate the iPhone 4 so these quick impressions are based on the external appearance of the Apple phone.  It does come with almost an 80% charge which means you can start using it right away.

The new iPhone 4 feels solid in one’s hand as it is feels more compact and denser than it predecessors.  Th style is very industrial looking but lends itself to looking more like the rest of the smartphone pack than standing out like the original iPhone did.  The form and function is pretty much the same as the other iPhone models with the aluminum bezel/antenna being the main difference.  The side buttons are now separated and composed of aluminum instead of plastic and the micro-Sim door has moved from the top of the phone to side.

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More to come in the review, stay tuned……..

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