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As you might have noticed Computex is going on right now, and obviously I’m not there, don’t have  the cash to travel abroad right now, wish I was there though, but we can all live vicariously through these sites who have posted their Computex coverage for us. There’s plenty of it, so let’s check out the new products coming this year…

Futurelooks has just updated their YouTube Channel with some new video
coverage from COMPUTEX 2010…

COMPUTEX 2010 – GIGABYTE Unveils Docking Ultra Think M1405 Notebook
COMPUTEX 2010 – CoolerMaster Shows Off new PSUs and Coolers
COMPUTEX 2010 – ANTEC Shows Off New High Current Pro Series Power Supplies

Thermaltake Mecha keyboard – say goodbye to sweaty palms
OCZ reveals a realistic PCI-E SSD drive, and the ridiculously fast HSDL data interface
Asus shows off their Hydra powered X58 motherboard with on-board HD5770 GPU
MSI offers Plenty of PCI-E on the Big Bang XPower X58 Motherboard

Hardware Canucks is pleased to present our article which details Zalmans’s upcoming releases for 2010.

Article URL:

Hardware Canucks is pleased to present our article detailing upcoming cooling products from Noctua and Coolink.

Article URL:

Computex 2010 OCZ Technology Suite @ TechwareLabs


Fusion makes its demo debut, with AMD showing a low-power version of the chip running Aliens vs. Predator.
Microsoft provides a public preview of its tablet-optimized Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS.
Gigabyte VP Henry Kao sees handhelds replacing notebooks and fueling a desktop resurgence.
OCZ shows off an affordable RevoDrive PCIe solid-state drive that promises 540MB/s reads and 530MB/s writes.
We go hands on with Shuttle’s modular notebook platforms, taking a closer look at an 11.6" CULV-powered system.
Intel’s Moorestown Atom platform won’t support Windows 7, but the Oak Trail platform due early next year will.

Noctua show KitGuru new range of Prototype coolers @ Computex

Computex 2010 – Spotlight NZXT @ TechwareLabs


Computex 2010 – Second Day Wanderings @ Ninjalane
URL: http://www.ninjalane.comspost16841.aspx

Hands-on with Asus’ Eee Tablet eReader/Writer with Integrated Digicam

Computex 2010 Spotlight Thermaltake @ TechwareLabs


Today Gigabyte Showcases the X58A-UD9 with Unlocked Intel CPUs at Computex 2010.

AMD’s world first Fusion APU Demonstration at Computex

Hardware Canucks is pleased to present our ongoing coverage of the events surrounding Computex 2010.  In this article we take a look at Enermax’s new cases and PSUs.

Article URL:

eVGA readies 1,200W PSU for SLI

Read the coverage over here:

OCZ Shrink the Vertex 2 – 1.8"
KitGuru @ Computex

Read the coverage over here:

Corsair Graphite @ $149

Read the coverage over here:

Suzy Ramirez & Sylvie Barak

Read the coverage over here:

Hardware Canucks is pleased to continue our Computex 2010 coverage with a look at ASUS CE Products which includes Smartphones, Apps, iPad Killers & More.

Article URL:

Computex 2010 Opening Ceremony @ TechwareLabs


Computex Blog: Day 1 – First Day Activities
URL: http://www.ninjalane.comspost16835.aspx

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    Computex 2010, Is this the END of the Road for this show like comdex?

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