Killzone2 Exclusive Trailer and Art

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Just got this from the PR Team from Killzone2 and thought I’d share it with you… Press Release, Exclusive Trailer and Concept Art.

A game that’s 4 years in the making deserves one hell of a launch. This is that Launch.

Killzone 2, the webgame.

Killzone 2 will bring a new level of intensity to the First Person Shooter genre (FPS) when it launches on February 27th exclusively for PlayStation®3. With more enemies, more hostile environments, more life or death moments. To build up to this historic launch, you can now get a taste of this excitement. Because now – nowhere is safe. Even online – thanks to Killzone 2, the webgame.

Battle the Helghast across the entire World Wide Web. Shoot up the internet. Leave a trail of destruction in your wake. Whether you’re checking your email, doing some shopping or just randomly surfing, the Helghast can strike at any time. The www is now one big Killzone.

How does it work? – Simple. Register at, install a quick plug-in for your browser and from then on, wherever you go on the internet, the Helghast could be waiting to pounce.

When you visit a site where the Helghast are waiting, engage them and its battle time. Your cursor becomes a crosshair and your browser is the battleground. Wherever you are. Whatever you’re doing. It’s kill or be killed. (don’t worry, it’s easy to opt out of a battle, if you really want to). Multipliers. Head shots. Hidden explosive devices. They’re all there for the taking. And if you miss your target, your rounds will still tear chunks out of the page behind them. Nice.

Learn to fight as part of a unit. Choose whether to fight on your own, or form a crack squad with up to three of your friends. Join squad mates in their battles, or call them in to help take down the Helghast in yours. Either way, working together means higher scores, more multipliers, the ability to heal other squad members and lots more Helghast casualties.

How does it work? – You can choose anyone you want to be in your squad, just give them your unique squad ID. Once a battle starts, the game will automatically contact your team mates (providing they have their browser open and the game enabled) and invite them to join the fight. If they accept, they will be transported straight to your location and instant gunplay…The more players that join, the more each player scores during that battle.

Battle your way to the top, for glory and goodies. Check your overall score and stats whenever you like at our webgame leaderboard at with prizes for top players.

Key Facts

First ever, internet wide shoot’em up.

Browser plug-in nature of the game means you can be engaged by the Helghast anywhere and everywhere online. Literally nowhere is safe.

The plug-in is available for both Firefox (v3) and Internet Explorer (6 & 7).

Uses the actual assets from the Killzone 2 PS3™ game, including 3D models of the Helghast.


Shoot up the internet. Not only can you kill the enemy, the game makes the sites themselves destructible so you can tear them apart too. Sweet.

Fight with your friends or on your own. However you roll.

Webgame goes live on Thursday the 19th of February.

‘Join The Fight’ webgame trailer will be seeded on the same day.

The webgame and trailer were conceived and produced by Agency Republic for PlayStation®UK.

concept_art_killzone2_game_1 concept_art_killzone2_game_2 concept_art_killzone2_game_3

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