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It’s Friday! TGIF and all that… We’ve got a little bit of news for you today..

Titel: In Win Ammo @ Dexgo
English translated by Babel Fish:
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The Question: Why using water-cooling? Isn’t air-cooling not as well as water? These and other fundamental questions to these two cooling principles, tried our partner to work out. Where are the pros and where are the cons? The answer is in the following review.

Link to the Test:


Titan Fenrir (TTC-NK85TZ) CPU Cooler Review @ XtremeComputing

Quote: "The top features the Fenrir’s own logo – what seems to be a very angry wolf, somewhat confirmed by Wikipedia as a “Fenrir” is essentially a mythical “monstrous wolf”. The tops of the 4 U-shaped heatpipes are also visible. The general feel of the Fenrir is a well put together heatsink, there do not appear to be any sharp edges which is reassuring considering the amount of cuts I have encountered whilst installing other HSFs!"



We have a new article online: where we tested the ATX computer-case Lancool Dragonlord K62.:
If you need a translator for German to English you will find one here:


Title: Gigabyte P55-UD5 Preview @ Techgage
Quote: With Intel’s Lynnfield launch right around the corner, let’s kick off our coverage with a look at one of Gigabyte’s launch P55 boards, the P55-UD5. A mainstream model, the UD5 features enough connectivity to totally fill up your chassis with components, a smart design and for what could be considered a relative rarity… a cool color scheme.


NEW CONTENT (Video Cards) – MSI GeForce GTX 260 Lightning Graphics Card
QUOTE: "It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from MSI, but they’re back with a vengeance today working on the well known and much loved GTX 260. Carrying with it a new Lightning tag that we haven’t seen from the company before, we’ll see what exactly MSI have going on here.
To be completely honest, considering the age of the GTX 260 MSI really have to bring us something special to wow us. Since the launch of the card we’ve seen many companies attack the model and we’ve seen some big clocks, fancy coolers and good bundles offered."

For more information, please visit –


TITLE: Kingston SSDNow V+ SSD Review @ Benchmark Reviews

DESCRIPTION: Early on in their debut, Solid State Drives were planned as included equipment on new computers coming from tier one manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and Apple. In one way or another they made good on their word, but the inflated price for these premium options made SSDs a distant reality. This situation created the perfect condition for a enthusiastic upgrade market. Not surprisingly, manufacturers went after the individual consumer after losing traction with mass system builders, and upgrade kits became the obvious solution for many enthusiasts. Kingston is well known for manufacturing their own memory products, but when it came to the new SSD technology they turned to proven sources such as Samsung. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Kingston SSDNow V+ Series 64GB SATA-II MLC SSD SNV225-S2/64GB.



Title: Everything You Need To Know About DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 Memories
Category: Tutorials
Curious about the technical differences between DDR3, DDR2 and DDR memories? In this tutorial we explain them all.
Here is a snippet:
"In this tutorial we will explore the main technical differences between DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 memories. Enjoy!"


SilverStone Fortress FT01 Case Review

Author: Benjamin Sun Date: 05-31-2009

SilverStone has taken the idea of a "clean room" such as used in the manufacture of computer chips to the case level first with the Temjin TJ07 and now with the Fortress FT01. The case kept the computer running cool, with positive air pressure driving air out of the case instead of causing it to linger and cause dust bunnies. The SilverStone Fortress FT01 case is available online for $200, making it a bit pricey for some but it is all-aluminum and has the features you would want from a mid-tower case with proper cooling, great airflow and plenty of room for Hard disks and optical drives. The uni-body construction method used in this case isn’t cheap and the quality shows in every way. This is a less-expensive alternative to the TJ07 and it is excellent for what it does.

Review Link:


“This is a sweet funny movie, so get over it. I really enjoyed it, I laughed, I even had a tear at one point and had a good time all the way through.”

Article Link

Podcast link

Article Title – Adventureland Blu-Ray Review @


The review is on the Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbuds and the link to the review is:

Here is a snippet that can be used for the review:

"We take a look at the Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket model today – billed as no-holds-barred ear buds with an attitude to match. Read on for our listening results."


Title: Xilence RAM Cooler HP – Heatpipe RAM Cooler Review  @ModReactor
Direct Link:
Quote: "As we are well aware the biggest enemy of computer components
is non other than heat. Nowadays there are various ways to deal with
it and reduce heat of all computer components. One of the important
ones, requiring cooling is the system memory. Today we’re reviewing a
cooling solution from Xilence, one that is essentially a radiator with
integrated heatpipe. "


Kingwin XT-1264 HTC CPU Cooler:
Quote: The high performance CPU cooler market has gotten very competitive lately, and after the release of Intel’s Core i7 platform not every cooler is compatible with the larger cpu.  Fortunately many manufacturers, including Kingwin, are now including Core i7 mounting hardware with their existing coolers.  Most coolers are still compatible with older processors though, so it is important to make sure they are effective in every setup.  Now, RBMods reviews the Kingwin XT-1264.


TechSpot PC Buying Guide – August 2009
Whether you are a first time builder seeking guidance or a seasoned enthusiast lacking the time it takes to compare the seemingly endless pit of hardware available, we’ve got you covered. TechSpot’s PC Buying Guide provides an in-depth list of today’s best hardware, ranging between four unique and yet typical budgets.


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