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Galaxy S6 Cases on Amazon

Not much going on in the way of news from me today and not much news for other sites either… here it is though:



Hardware Bistro has just posted latest review on GMC X-22 Middle Tower ATX Case.

Quote: "Today we are going to review another amazing PC case from GMC which is X-22. In Short GMC X-22 is a standard middle tower ATX PC case with stylish design and fabulous features; half-mirror front panel, digital thermometer, front & rear fan speed controllers, 120mm front & rear cooling fans and etc. Without any longer delay, let’s us go through this interesting case in detail."

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Dante’s Inferno Preview @ [OC]ModShop

Play God of War? Then you have a good idea of what we saw when we played Dante’s Inferno for the Playstation 3. The games are virtually identical in gameplay and control structure.
If you’ve read ?The Divine Comedy? then you know what to expect here. The game follows Dante as he heads through hell following his loved one Beatrice. In our build we encountered Virgil (Dante?s hero and mentor from the book) King Minos, among other villains.

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Transformers: The Movie HD Movie Review
QUOTE: "Before Michael Bay reinvigorated the Transformers franchise in 2007, with the movie of the same name (and then promptly destroyed it in 2009’s Revenge of the Fallen), there was of course the Hasbro action figure series and cartoon series, which culminated in this; Transformers: The Movie.
Unfortunately, the enjoyment of this film is directly related to the familiarity with the TV series, as this sits between the second and third series. My age means I just missed the craze of the mid 80’s and I haven’t gone back to watch them. At this stage I probably won’t. And while I am familiar with some Transformers lore, most of this film went over my head, and mostly appears as an hour and a half of battle scenes, fused with a rockin’ electric guitar soundtrack. However, in the interest of reviewing the basic plot of the film, I’ll take a stab. The evil Decepticons have taken control of Cybertron, the Transformers home planet, and decide to attack Autobot City, which results in the slaughter of many Autobots and will have dire consequences for the force of good in the galaxy."

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Preview @ [OC]ModShop

Nintendo’s booth had a slew of 1st party titles coming for the DS and the Wii, but none were more effective at re-imagining old school NES games than New Super Mario Brothers. Once a sole DS title, the game has now made a Wii incarnation and it?s every bit as fun as its predecessor.
The demo we played had a handful of levels to mess around in. One was a re-imagining of the very first stage from the NES original others involved typical swimming, running through fortresses etc.

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Title: Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 Pro CPU Cooler @ DragonSteelMods

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" Few things are more important than keeping your computer well ventilated and cool. Overheating can lead to your computer turning off on you, sluggish work and worst of all, damaged hardware. One of the principal parts to keep cool is the CPU, using a high-quality CPU cooler that will throw away the heat your CPU generates. Today, I’ve got a great cooler up for review – Arctic Cooling’s Alpine 64 Pro cooler. While the Alpine 64 Pro presents itself as a very straightforward looking extruded aluminum heatsink, it has a lot of high quality components and design aspects that make it a very effective device for sufficient cooling and very low noise production."

Title: ASUS P7P55D PRO Motherboard
Category: First Look
Let’s now take a look on an Intel P55-based socket 1156 motherboard from ASUS
Here is a snippet:
"ASUS launched nothing less than nine different socket 1156 motherboard models based on the new Intel P55 chipset. Today we are going to take a look on one that is currently being sold on the USD 170 range, called P7P55D PRO, which has lots of unique features and includes support for SLI."

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