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Hey it’s Sunday, the start of yet another week, and here’s the news from our friends…


iXBT Labs Review: Test Method for Evaluating PC Performance

"We present you our new test method. Our readers may have already noticed that it has a somewhat different title. What used to be called the "Test Method for Evaluating Processor Performance" is now called the "Test Method for Evaluating PC Performance." Processors have sort of been placed on the same shelf with other PC parts."


Corsair Hydro Series H50 Tested on AMD Phenom Review

The boxed cooler had big problems keeping the CPU stable at 3.4Ghz. It was just stable enough to run prime custom 20K FFT. Trying to boot at 3.5Ghz resulted in lockups, BSOD’s or straight errors when starting prime. When the testing was over I immediately removed the motherboard from the PC. Imagine it takes a few minutes to do so, then I started to remove the stock cooler, I can assure you it was still very hot. Its fan also spun flat out all the time during the test and was very audible. With the TRUE doing the cooling, the rig behaved far better. Squeezing 22°C off the boxed cooler is already very nice. Even testing at 3.5Ghz was no issue. More however, was limited by this particular CPU we tested. The Corsair H50 continued to impress me, by gaining 2°C over the TRUE setup.

Titel: Thermochill PA120.3 – Alt gegen Neu

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NEW CONTENT (Gaming) – Prototype Xbox 360 Review
QUOTE: "Upon the arrival of your body from its self propelled ascent into the city sky, the solid concrete ground fractures beneath you, accepting the full force of your impact like a brittle shell. Cries of fear and shock meet your ears, but only for the briefest of moments, as your time on this surface is cut short yet again by the power in your legs, launching you into the sky above, away from the chaos for another few blissful seconds.
No, you’re not sound asleep, dreaming some alarmingly awesome dream, you’re playing the latest action title to hit the gaming scene featuring a super-human like protagonist at your disposal. You are playing Prototype. You are Alex Mercer and you have the ability to navigate the city like the wind itself and destroy its occupants like a natural disaster."

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NEW CONTENT (HTPC & Movies) – Ghostbusters HD Movie Review
QUOTE: "25 years on, there is still an immense amount of goodwill for the franchise which has spawned merchandising; two animated TV series, a number one song and a range of computer games, all off the back of one great film and in spite of a terrible sequel, which is best forgotten.
Peter Venkman (Bill Murray), Ray Stantz (Dan Akroyd) and Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) are the Ghostbusters; University slackers turned paranormal hunters. From community skepticism, they quickly evolve into a thriving, successful business. But when a bunch of nasty ghouls are let loose in New York City, which threaten to bring Armageddon, the team will need more than a little luck to save the world from their wrath."

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Title: NZXT Zero 2 Case Review @ Virtual-Hideout

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Quote: Gaming is all about taking it to the extreme. In the pursuit of the best gaming experience, gamers have stopped at nothing to achieve this always-rising goal. Overclocking, adding another GPU/Videocard and upgrading are the typical paths and all of them have the downside of generating extra heat, which is potentially damaging to components and can impede performance. To remedy this, a proper case with good airflow is needed. Usually, a full tower provides the best option, since the extra space not only permits more fans but also provides the proper clearance for airflow as well. NZXT was thinking exactly this with the Zero 2 case, a steel-chassis full-tower beast that boasts a capacity for an impressive seven 120mm fans.“


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