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Well the year will be over in a few days, have you guys and gals thought of your new years resolutions yet?  I haven’t, and I don’t care really. No resolutions for me, I don’t believe in them honestly, it’s just another day, another year really. Anyway, it’s time for the news from around the world.


Storage Related:

OCZ Technology Vertex 2 3.5-inch 120GB Solid State Drive
QUOTE: "OCZ Technology is the Swiss Army of solid state drives. The company has a product in their line-up for every occasion. Until now desktop users have been forced to pay a premium for smaller 2.5" notebook drives that need a desktop adapter bracket. Notebook drives require larger flash modules and need an adapter to fit in desktops. These premium parts raise the cost of the SSD whether you need them or not.
Keeping with the overall strategy of a product for every use (like a Swiss Army Knife), OCZ now has a desktop specific SSD that uses less dense flash and a native 3.5" form factor enclosure. The new 3.5" design is available in both Agility 2 and Vertex 2 programming with the latter having a higher IOPS. At the time of writing the 3.5" models cost the same as their notebook cousins, but this should change over time since the 3.5" drives should cost less to produce."



Audio / Video:

GlideTV Navigator HTPC Remote Review @ Legit Reviews
Article URL:

"If you own a HTPC you really should check out the GlideTV Navigator and the GlideTV software. In fact you can download and try out the software right here to see how it works for free. The software is nice, but the Navigator takes the HTPC experience up a notch and the price is right. At $49 the GlideTV Navigator is affordable and it works! If you have to pull out a wireless keyboard and mouse every time you go to watch a move you’ll find that once you have a GlideTV you’ll seldom need to use either of those as the Navigator is all you need…"


NEC MultiSync EX231W 23 Inch LED LCD Monitor Review 
Up until now, we’ve largely been looking at LCD monitors for the consumer segment here on Futurelooks. That’s changing today. We recognize that many of our readers come from the business environment and many also work from home (like I do). So, while you don’t need to don a proper three-piece suit to use theNEC MultiSync EX231W LCD monitor, it probably wouldn’t hurt. You gotta look good, right?

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Hardware Bistro has just posted latest review on Popcorn Hour A-210 NMJ.

Quote: "Home theatre PC (HTPC) is getting much popular nowadays but if you are looking for a much affordable system and tiring of data transferring between PC and HTPC then the network media player is a much better choice. Popcorn Hour; a leading network media player vendor just announced their latest network media jukebox (NMJ) recently; A-210 which comes with quite number of attractive features."

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Mobile Related:

‘Apple MacBook Air 11" Review’
The skinny laptop finally get a refresh.
The Full Article can be viewed at


Skooba Design Techlife Netbook Messenger Review at Overclockers Online
Quote: With the Techlife Netbook Messenger, I now have quick access to my netbook without having to undo any buckles or pull apart any Velcro, which can be loud and annoying inside a lecture hall! There’s a ton of extra storage space and with the durable design it is no wonder why Techlife can offer a limited lifetime warranty. I love how comfortable the bag is to use and would be happy to recommend the Techlife Netbook Messenger to those looking for a discrete but superb messenger bag.


Griffin iTrip Auto Universal Plus Review @

Review URL:

Quote: “I love having an iPhone, it is a phone, media player, portable gaming device, camera and much more. I’m sure if you don’t have an iPhone but have a smartphone it acts as many of these things too. I love having my music collection on my phone because I always have my phone with me. I’m sure that in your area the radio stations play the same music over and over again and it would be great to listen to your music from your smartphone or any other device in your car. Griffin knows this and they have came out with the iTrip Auto Universal Plus, which is an FM transmitter that works with a ny device that has a 1/8-inch audio jack and it also has a USB power port to charge your device."






Assorted Stuffs:

‘Antivirus test 2011’
How secure is your PC?
The Full Article can be viewed at


VaporCorp Smoke 51 Electronic Cigar Review

I’m a smoker, yeah I know it’s bad for me and everyone else, blah, blah blah, I don’t want to hear about. It’s the only vice I have, I don’t drink or do anything else and I enjoy it. I smoke cigarettes regularly and every one in a while I enjoy a cigar too. I’ve been wanting to try the new electronic cigarettes and when I got the chance to review them of course I said yes. I received both cigarettes and cigars for review actually. Today for review I’ve got the Electronic Cigar or e-cigar from VaporCorp / Smoke51. I can say it’s certainly a unique experience that takes a bit to get accustomed to, but it’s not bad overall.


Swiftpoint Mouse Review

The Swiftpoint Mouse is an innovative product with a pen-like grip, meant to completely replace the touchpad functions of most laptops. It’s wireless and comes with a USB wireless adapter that also acts like a dock to recharge the product.


‘HP Pavilion Elite HPE-430me PC Review’
Great horsepower, but not for gaming.
The Full Article can be viewed at


Overclock3D have just published a new article titled: Boxing Day Recipes.

Quote: OC3D explores recipes that will make reminents of your Christmas Dinner disappear…


The Top 20 Films Unreleased on Blu-ray – Part III
QUOTE: "Welcome back to the third of four parts as we countdown the Top 20 films yet to be released to Blu-ray disc. If you missed the first parts, be sure to look at them here, and be sure to look out for the final part next week!"


Gaming Related:

Win a Razer Nostromo keypad @ t-break

Europa Universalis: Divine Wind Review @ FusionMods.Net

Futuremark 3DMark 11: Graphics Cards on Their Knees @ InsideHW

Creative Tactic3D Sigma Gaming Headphones Review @ t-break

Games Review 2010 – Part Two: The Bad @


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