3M Introduces Touch Pen for Mobile

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The stylus is coming back apparently, I’ve seen more and more of them. I’ve got two of them myself and they do have their places, especially on tablets. 3M has just announced their own stylus called the Smart Pen 300 that can be used with any capacitive touch screen devices. The stylus looks like it’s well made, and it is from 3M so you might expect it to be top quality.



The 3M Smart Pen, 300 Series is available in black and grey, has a telescoping handle for ease of use and a detachable lid that attaches to the speaker jack of a portable device. The pen has an ergonomic industrial design, giving it a natural, comfortable fit for both small and large hands. Activating with only a light touch, the pen’s unique anti-stiction properties let the pen glide smoothly across surfaces with greater precision than a finger and reduces fingerprints on the screen.

The 300 Series pen is available in the U.S. market through Amazon.com for $18.99. For more information on the 3M Smart Pen, visit www.3M.com/smartpen.

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