AC Product Launch: ARCTIC POWER AA & AAA Batteries

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ummm… not much to say about this one… batteries by Arctic Cooling!

The Swiss  thermal solution provider ARCTIC  COOLING  has  extended  its  product  line  from  manufacturing  low noise  computer  coolers  to other high quality  electronic products. Today  the Company  unveiled  the ARCTIC  POWER,  durable  alkaline  batteries  in  both
AA  and  AAA  size.  8  batteries  per  pack,  the  ARCTIC  POWER  give  users long-lasting power at a good value. 



Powerful batteries you can trust 
The  capacity  of  ARCTIC  POWER  is  2,900 mAh  and  1,300 mAh  for  AA  and  AAA  battery  respectively.  The ARCTIC POWER batteries are  long-lasting and offer a capacity of up  to 4 times more conventional  than zinc-carbon batteries. This new high-performance alkaline battery  is  ideal  for both  low power consumption devices and energy-intensive applications such as CD / MP3 players, PDAs, remote control etc. 

Safe to use in extreme circumstances  
Thanks  to  its wide operating  temperature  range,  the ARCTIC POWER  batteries perform well  in all conditions. Whether you are in the Arctic or at the equator, the quality of the batteries remains as high as usual. 


The ARCTIC  POWER  will  be  available  in September  2009.  The MSRP  (excluding VAT)  for  a  pack  of  8 AA batteries is US$7.90/ 5.70€, and a pack of 8 AAA batteries is US$8.50 / 5.90€.

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