brite-View Introduces the ‘LinkE’ Kit, the World’s Smallest Powerline Ethernet Adapters to Stream HD

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I’ve never tried Powerline kits, but I am interested in trying them out.. I’m really curious actually as to how well they work, I’ve though about buying some just to test it out, but just never have… Anyway, brite-view just came out with a new Powerline kit called the LinkE which is supposedly the world’s smallest ethernet powerline adapters. It’s a two part kit consisting of one box that gets plugged into your wall outlet near your modem which then gets plugged into it, the second part is a four port adapter that gets plugged in elsewhere in your house which then you can plug devices into and have much faster speed than you would over wireless. Don’t know, has anyone out there tried Powerline? What do you think of it?

ZINNET® had brite-View(TM) CinemaTube customers in mind with today’s launch of the "LinkE," a HomePlug AV-compliant powerline communication kit containing two Ethernet adapters. CinemaTube owners may assume that when their TV and CinemaTube aren’t near a modem or router for a wired network connection, the CinemaTube can’t stream Blu-ray quality movies over the WiFi network. This is not necessarily so.


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With the "LinkE" powerline communication kit, consumers can take full advantage of their high-speed internet at up to 200Mbps. To use the "LinkE," first plug the world’s smallest one-port Ethernet bridge (BV-210) into a wall socket and connect it to a modem with an Ethernet cable. Then plug the kit’s four-port switch (BV-254) into a wall socket in another room, even on another floor where users want to network multiple devices such as the CinemaTube, Tivo, XBOX and even a Skype VoIP phone, using existing electrical wiring. The "LinkE" kit eliminates any WiFi dead zones in the house, and fits into the wall sockets perfectly without blocking other outlets.

Simple, fast and secure, powerline technology is not as widespread as it deserves to be because it is considered expensive and a Wi-Fi router is considered a more economical way of sharing the network with the whole house.

According to Robert Lo, CEO of ZINNET® though, "A WiFi network can be fragile. Without proper setup or protection, nicer neighbors can steal your Internet access while the evil neighbors hack into your computers."

brite-View(TM) is now offering the "LinkE" kit at a promotional price of $89.99, and the "CinemaTube plus LinkE" bundle for $174.99 on LinkE is a secure and cost-effective digital home solution that allows you to stream high-definition entertainment and enjoy online gaming without latency.

About ZINNET®, Inc.

ZINNET®, Inc. is a subsidiary of Zinwell® Corporation, a publicly listed company in Taiwan.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with the Internet Division located in San Jose, CA, ZINNET® designs and manufactures consumer electronics that turn your living room into a digital home, including HD multi-media player with download features, and wireless HD transmission solutions. ZINNET® provides rich internet-based multi-media user experiences for the twenty-first century. ZINNET’s products are backed up by nearly 30 years of industry experience and the ground breaking innovation ability that flourished from it.


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