CES2011: Michley Tivax Launches Two of the World’s First Portable 3D TVs

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Portable 3D Tvs?  There’s two products actually here being announced, the first is the 800×400 portable 3D Tv, and then they have a USB style dongle so you can watch 3D Tv on your computer and then there’s a 7” mobile TV as well. The portable 3D Tv though requires no glasses!

Michley Tivax unveils several new products including two, extremely innovative portable 3D devices. With 20 years of manufacturing experience, Michley Tivax quickly leapt to the forefront of the digital portable television industry, and is now seeking to expand upon its technological leadership.


The new Michley Tivax announcements include the MiTV3D7, the first seven inch digital portable television affording viewers the luxury of watching 2D programming in 3D format. And perhaps best of all none of those 3D glasses are needed. Good news for both 3D viewers and gamers. The MiTV3D7 employs an LCD panel with 800X480 resolution, providing viewers with ultimate clarity when optimally viewed within a 40 degree angle and at a distance of two feet from the display.

The second 3D first for Michley Tivax is the MiTV-3D-C201 dongle, enabling computer users to watch 3D programming on their personal computers. The dongle device along with an antenna allows users to receive TV programs, and even if that content is in normal 2D format, it will be converted to 3D. 3D glasses are essential for this product, with the type of glasses varying upon the brand of monitor. This is a most inexpensive way to watch 3D. Believe it or not the picture quality rivals that of conventional 3D TVs!


A third new product introduced at 2011 CES by Michley Tivax is its latest MiTV mobile7. This fully portable digital seven inch TV captures high quality signals both mobile M/H and ATSC even while traveling at highway speeds. Passengers, not drivers, can view favorite programs without interruption while en route to their destination. As more and more stations commence broadcasting in the new mobile format, the Michley Tivax portable is sure to garner a strong audience.

In the relatively short-lived existence of digital television, Michley Tivax was one of the first companies earning plaudits for its efforts, most notably by the leading consumer rating’s publication for its STB-T9 digital converter box. Since then Michley Tivax has concentrated efforts on enhancing portable digital television technology.


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