Control computers with your mind: 2009’s hottest holiday gift

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NeuroSky, the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of consumer-ready Brain Computer Interface technologies (BCI) have made history by introducing their proprietary headsets that literally allow everyday users to control devices with their minds.

NeuroSky’s proprietary hardware technology, dubbed ThinkGear™, available for sale now on the NeuroSky site at for US$199, allows the wearer to utilize their own brainwaves to interact with technology in ways that were once thought to be improbable, making it possible to send commands to a computer simply by ‘thinking’ about them and provides people with a new level of insight into themselves


NeuroSky MindSet

ThinkGear™ Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology has been of keen interest to NeuroSky’s partners, leading manufacturers in the automotive, toys and games, medical, scientific and computer industries, many of whom are creating systems that allow the consumer to control the world around them through thought.

With the recent release of the NeuroSky MindSet headset and the Free MindSet Development Tools (SDK), people are being introduced to their own brains and a new wave of interactive applications are becoming available to the public.

Recently, leading toys and games giants Mattel and Uncle Milton have adapted NeuroSky’s proprietary BCI technology for use in products like the “Force Trainer”, in which the player wears a headset that measures brainwaves that allows for the elevation of a small sphere via fans controlled by the mind. The Force Trainer headset technology is an adaptation of NeuroSky’s ThinkGear™ Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology, which is in development for use in a wide range of industries including automotive, education and health and wellness.


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