Dungeons & Dragons Come to Facebook

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I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything about Facebook in regards to games yet, but this one seemed worthwhile.  It is Dungeons & Dragons after all. Personally I’ve never played any game son Facebook, but if you’re up for some RPG action then be sure to check it out..



Legions of Halflings, Dragonborn and Eladrin will sharpen their blades and ready their spells as Facebook players around the world create their unique heroes and set forth for adventure! Explore over 50 dungeons, battle over 40 unique monsters, learn over 30 unique skills and discover hundreds of powerful magic items.  Gamers can even take on the role of Dungeon Master and create their own adventures for friends and other players to explore.  Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter will be the deepest RPG experience ever to reach the Facebook platform.   

Play the game today, at http://apps.facebook.com/neverwinterheroes/?track=UsPR&kt_tu=partner, and follow Heroes of Neverwinter at www.facebook.com/heroesofneverwinter.

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