Get Free Calls on Your iPhone Thanks to Comwave

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Here’s something interesting though it’s not exactly free. Comwave is offering 250 minutes per month for a yearly fee of $30 which isn’t too bad when you think about. it would make a nice addition to your existing calling plan or you could even drop to a lower minute plan and then use these to supplement your minutes and end up paying less. You just need to grab the free app from iTunes and then register on the Comwave site and you’re ready to go.



Just in time for the Holidays, Comwave’s new Mobile App has eliminated cell phone long distance charge to 57 countries.  Available today on iTunes for the US &Canada for $30 per year, users are able to place long distance calls directly through their existing contact lists on their cell phones, to 57 countries including the USA & Canada.  There are no monthly bills and there is a 100-minute free trial available at  

"There is no other Mobile App that will eliminate long distance charges to 57 Countries from your Smartphone," says Yuval Barzakay, President and CEO.  "It’s so simple to use, just dial as you would normally and the App will spring into action and connect your call through Comwave."

Customers can register at and then download the App for free on iTunes.  Android & Blackberry versions coming soon.

$30/year Includes:

  • Ability to change your Caller ID
  • 250 free local & long distance minutes per month for 12 months to call across the street or around the globe (That’s 3,000 free minutes to 57 countries)
  • Lower rates than Skype if you go over the free 250 minutes/month or call outside of the 57 Countries
  • No monthly fees….Just an annual fee of $30

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