i-eX Gaming Chairs Score Points With Serious Gamers by Offering Serious Comfort

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I think I gotta get me one of these… wonder if I could get one for review.. looks rather comfortable.

Beanbagbazaar, the leading designers and manufacturers of beanbag furniture in the UK, today announced the launch of their new range of high-spec gaming chairs, the i-eX.

The new i-eX gaming chair has been designed to offer man-sized gaming comfort with mammoth proportions and edgy style. The ergonomic design provides full back and neck support for kids and adults of all sizes, even those blessed with 6ft+ height. The unique contoured bucket seat and side panels mean the i-eX is one of the biggest and most comfortable gaming chairs on the market today.

Mark Dolder, managing director of the i-eX gaming chair range said, "The i-eX offers unrivalled ergonomic support meaning no more tension, cramp or numb bum for the serious gamer.

It hasn’t got any gimmicks or fancy bells & whistles – it’s just a really comfortable and supportive gaming chair for the serious gamer. Our research showed that any gamer worth their salt already owned a high-spec sound-system. We spotted a gap in the market for a chair that simply offered serious comfort.

Our slogan for the i-eX, ‘All game, no pain’ does exactly what it says on the tin."

The i-eX is available in black with lime green or silver piping to target the premier gaming market. Soft faux leather material is stylish and practical while man-sized proportions (standing at over 3ft tall) means the i-eX offers serious gaming comfort.

The i-eX was launched just this week in time for the Christmas rush. It is sold on the i-eX website http://www.iexgaming.com for GBP99.99. It is also is exclusively stocked at http://www.beanbagbazaar.co.uk.



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