Idolian Introduces $169 Android Tablet TurboTab Z

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Not long ago I review the Idolian TouchTab10 and they’ve just announced a new Android tablet called the TurboTab8 that features Android 2.3, a 1ghz CPU, a capacitive 7” touch screen, G-sensor and even an HDMI output. Price is only $169 and it comes with 4gb on board but for a limited time you can get a free 8gb microSD card with it.


gI_97599_U707-1 is pleased to announce the new 7 inch Android tablet PC , TurboTab Z.

TurboTab Z has a sleek new style with distinctive red color rim around its face. It runs on Cortex A9 Chipset, 1 GHz CPU, 512MB, 7” Capacitive 5 Point Touch Screen, Front Facing Camera, 360 G-Sensor, HDMI output on heavily modified Android 2.3 OS. It has very cool animations and tools that make operation a lot easier. TurboTab Z offers long range WI-FI connectivity and a long lasting battery life (4-5 hours), Android Google Market, Flash Player. Idolian is working to get TurboTab Z to get upgraded to Android 4.0 in the near future.

TurboTab Z is available to pre-order for $169 at offers "Free UPS shipping both ways," for easy buying decisions for customers. For limited time, all pre-ordered TurboTab Z will be shipped with free 8GB Micro SD card. TurboTab Z will be shipped from January 24th, 2012.

Idolian is working on TurboTab Z upgrade to Android 4.0. TurboTab Z shares the same housing as Zenithink C7 1 but built with Idolian’s strict quality control methods with better components.

Thanks to its established retail distribution, Idolian tablet PC’s will be widely available at Amazon, Sears, eBay & cellular locations throughout the USA and South Korea.

All of Idolian’s Tablet PC’s come with a 1 year warranty that is serviced in the USA and offers extended warranties and protection plans for sale only on

Like its slogan “Tablets for Everyone,”’s mission is to become a major brand for Android Tablet market that everyone can afford.

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