LightInTheBox Introduces Haiku as Its New Cell Phone Brand

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I’m guessing this phone is supposed to be an iPhone knockoff, but I like the look of it a lot better. It’s got dual sim, FM radio, Camera, Wi-Fi, Ebook reader and plenty of other features.. it comes unlocked and it’s $99.99!

Although the Colorfolie i6 will be officially launched on October 25th, customers can now preorder the phone through the company’s website at a discounted price of US$ 99.99. Preordering will be available for a limited time until October 24th, after which the phone will be sold at US$ 129.99.

Available in six unique designer colors, the Colorfolie i6 comes with a comprehensive range of features such as dual SIM capability, MP3 player, video player and camera. Users will also be able to stay connected through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile Internet. Pre-installed applications make the phone an appealing option for users wanting a cell phone ready to use ‘straight from the box’.

"We are extremely happy to introduce the Haiku brand and the Colorfolie i6 and have a great belief in the cell phone as a ‘must have item’ due to the fact that it combines robust features with a designer exterior," says CEO, Alan Guo. "With global compatibility and twelve pre-installed languages, the phone can also be used almost anywhere in the world."

While has offered customers a wide selection of cell phones ( ) since the company’s inception, this will be the company’s first venture into selling their own branded line of phones.


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  • Touch Screen – Easy-to-use and responsive touch screen function for smooth navigating.
  • Full Screen View – Crystal clear viewing with our cinematic full-screen mode.
  • Dual SIM -  Switch easily between two SIM card/phone numbers in the same handset.
  • Fully Unlocked – Works on all four main GSM frequency bands for great reception world wide.
  • FM Radio – Pick up your favorite FM radio stations wherever you are.
  • Bluetooth – High speed wireless technology.
  • Java Enabled – Get the latest cool Apps on your phone with Java technology!
  • Low Price – Our best value phones with an unbeatable feature/price ratio.
  • High Def PC Cam – The best quality pictures available from a phone! Connects to your PC for easy picture upload/downloading.
  • Gravity Acceleration Sensor Cell phone – Go beyond touchscreen! Lets you navigate your phone’s options without having ever to touch a button or screen. Just tilt and shake! 
  • Ultra-Thin – Slim and compact so it disappears in your pocket when not in use. Ultra-thin phones are smart and efficient.
  • Dual Camera – Front and rear lenses for a more versatile shot.
  • WiFi – Check emails, connect online, or surf the Web with advanced WiFi technology.
  • PDA – Do more with your phone with great Personal Digital Assistant functions!
  • Change the wallpaper and song by shaking the phone

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