Flip Video Expands Consumer Options With ‘Designed for Flip’ Accessory Program

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And in more Flip news today we’ve got lots of accessories for them from some big name companies like Seagate, iGo and Scosche and a few others. Things like cases, chargers, microphones and even a pocket projector are among the new accessories planned.

New Flip Accessories from Aquapac, Blue Microphones, Bower, iGo, Ikelite, Seagate and Scosche

New Designed for Flip and FlipPort

The all-new Designed for Flip line will debut several products starting today and then continue to roll out more accessories through the fall and beyond. The Flip Video Designed for Flip team is working with leading companies in multiple product segments to provide a wide selection of general purpose and specialized products for both current and future Flip video cameras.

A key component of the Designed for Flip initiative is a new Flip Video feature called FlipPort™.  The FlipPort is a uniquely developed connector found on the bottom of the new Flip UltraHD 8 GB/2 hour video camera — also announced today — that will become a standard feature on future generations of Flip video cameras.  The FlipPort, will allow a range of specialized accessories to easily plug right in to Flip video cameras and open up a world of new uses and creativity for consumers.

New Designed for Flip products using FlipPort include Mikey for Flip, from Blue Microphones™, a professional quality external microphone that lets Flip users capture even better sound quality ranging from a whisper to a rock concert. Scosche™ will also be offering a wireless lavaliere microphone that will enable up close audio ideal for interviews. iGo™ is also offering three new products: the Overtime Battery extender which doubles the Flip Video battery life; the Charge Anywhere power adapter can charge two products at once such as a Flip video camera and another USB accessory; and finally a new Pocket Projector will allow Flip owners to instantly project and watch their Flip video clips directly from the video camera anywhere and on any flat surface up to the size of a 70" TV.  In addition, Seagate has plans to support Flip video cameras with FlipPort in the coming months.

For all Flip video cameras, the Designed for Flip accessory line also features a wide assortment of products to let users do more with their Flip. New accessories now available include Flip Waterproof cases from Aquapac®, which allow consumers to use their Flip video camera for activities such as sailing, snorkeling and skiing, a line of underwater cases from Ikelite™, ideal for scuba diving and a new magnetic Wide Angle Lens, from Bower™, that makes it easy to capture wide-angle video footage.

Pricing and Availability

Select Designed for Flip accessory products are available today in the United States at the Flip Video Store and will be coming soon to Amazon.com and other retailers. 


Waterproof Cases


Blue Microphones

Mikey for Flip, External Microphone



Wide Angle Lens



  • Overtime Battery Extender
  • Charge Anywhere Power Adapter


  • Pocket Projector


Underwater Video Housing for Flip



Storage Solution



Wireless Microphone



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