Samsung Galaxy S II vs Apple iPhone 4S

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I love my Galaxy S Captivate, now I really want the Galaxy S II, but sadly my contract isn’t up with AT&T until next year. That of course means if I want the Galaxy S II I’ll have to pay full price for it, and that’s just not in my budget, certainly not with three kids…. The iPhone 4S, well you can keep it. I had a chance to play and review with the iPhone 4 and I wasn’t impressed honestly. With the announcement yesterday about the iPhone 4S Samsung has compiled a nice chart for everyone, it’s comparing the iPhone 4S to the Galaxy S II. That was nice of them wasn’t it? Read below for some comment and check out the big chart they’ve provided.


sam1 iphone4s


Following today’s announcements within the smartphone industry, I’d like to share a comparison grid from Samsung Mobile, comparing the specifications of today’s announced device against the Galaxy S II. I know many of you have already posted product spec comparison analysis between these devices, but I think you will find that Samsung’s grid, accompanied by the bullet points below, will bring some additional, important product differences to light.


·Screen size benefits scale by AREA (length x width), not just diagonal;  the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S II has 42% more screen area and Sprint / T-Mobile versions of Galaxy S II have 58% more screen area than the iPhone 4S.

·The Galaxy S II HSPA+ network speeds are at least 50% faster with AT&T 21 MBPS and three times faster with T-Mobile’s 42 MBPS than the iPhone 4S’s 14 MBPS HSPA network.

·Galaxy S II continues to have the thinnest smartphone design with the fastest network speed on each of the networks carrying the smartphone (AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile) including today’s announcement of the iPhone 4S specs for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

·Open Ecosystem – Consumers can use the Galaxy S II to buy music from Amazon, Rhapsody, or a variety of other music services, as well as multiple cloud music services supported such as Amazon, Google Music and multiple video chat clients available for use including Google Chat and Skype. The Samsung Galaxy S II is not limited to a single manufacturer’s storefront or app store.


10-4-11_Samsung Gala#3B6E85

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  1. Em
    October 5, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    minor correction: unlike the chart states, 4s is pc free and AirPlay allows it to stream to any device, HDTV included. If AirPlay is not an option, HDMI connectivity is supported.

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