Samsung Upgrades I5700 Galaxy Spica Smartphone

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Samsung has just announced an upgraded version of their Galaxy Spica Smartphone that utilizes Android 2.1. The upgrade features augmented reality technology and enhanced multi-media features along with an upgrade to the camera offering enhanced picture options and viewing functions. Messaging functionality has been improved as well making it easier to attach files to MMS and emails, contact management has also been improved through the alphabetical index. The upgrade is available direct from the Samsung Mobile website and their PC Studio 7 program starting in Germany in March, and then to the rest of the world gradually… whatever that means exactly, I’m not sure..


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“The Galaxy Spica becomes a highly intuitive communications device offering users the option to personalize no less than nine side-scrolling screens. Users can really let their imaginations run wild, creating different home screens according to different personal interests or requirements.
The handset now features augmented reality technology that displays real-time digital information of your surroundings over the view-finder of the Galaxy Spica’s 3 megapixel camera. The Galaxy Spica also features Samsung widgets, Visual bookmark and PC Sync support to enable users to synchronize their devices quickly.”



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