Spire Offers More Power on the Go with the Power Bank 4000

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My smartphone always seems to need charging, even if I’m not really using it, but I think that’s true with any smartphone these days. If I really don’t use my phone I can get away with charging it every one and half days, but if I use it I’ve got to charge it at least once per day. I recently reviewed the Veho Pebble and it’s not bad, but it’s more of an emergency charger and not made to charge your devices several times. Spire has just launched the Power Bank 4000 that has a 4000mAh battery in it that should give you a few charges for your phone or other device. Getting more than one charge is nice, the Power Bank is something you can take with you on a camping trip for the weekend and you’ll know you’ll have power when you need it.



Super sleek, super slim this is the new 4000mAh Power Bank from Spire. This durable and powerful mobile battery-pack is ideal for on the go or long haul travelers that require an extra power source to recharge their Smartphone, tablet or other portable device. The LED indicators show the remaining charge at the push of a button. This version of the Power Bank is build with 4000mAh       Li-ion Batteries and is supplied with 5 output plugs to charge your phone or tablet. The PowerBank can be re-charged via any USB port, through DC charger, PC, Laptop or car charger. This ideal travel companion will not let you down when your mobile device is out of power.

Main Features:
* Widely compatible
* Powerful with long operation time
* Slim, portable and convenient
* Function with LED indication
* High efficiency of power conversion
* Electricity-saving function build in
* Environmentally friendly & efficient
* Backed by 2 year manufacturer warranty

Mobile phone, Smart-phone, Handheld device and tablets
from brands such as : Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia,
HTC, as well as MP3/MP4 players, PSP, GPS, PDA, etc

MSRP: USD 43.95 / EURO 33.95

Product Includes : * Owner Manual * Warranty registration card * iPhone 4 Cable * Micro USB Cable * Mini USB connector.

More information on the Power Bank 4000 can be viewed on our website: http://www.spire-corp.com/main/product_detail.asp?ProdID=1324

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