T-Mobile USA Introduces New Lineup of Samsung Messaging-Friendly Phones

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I knew it would happen eventually, they ran out of names for phones, there’s three new phones being announces today and they’re called the Gravity 3, the Gravity T and the : ) … Yes the name of the phone is the : )  or smiley. The three phones are messaging centric ones which means they’re sliders with full QWERTY keyboards to make sending all of those texts while you’re driving that much easier… Seriously though, the new Samsung phones look great, I love phones with hardware keyboards over those that feature the on-screen ones, I’ve pretty much always had a phone with a keyboard on it. These new phones from Samsung though feature the Social Buzz from T-Mobile that basically integrates with popular social networking sites so you have access to them all in one place. Both Gravity phones feature a 2mp camera and camcorder, along with music player and the ability to expand memory up to 16gb via the miscoSD slot.

Following the success of the Samsung Gravity and Gravity 2, Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile are continuing the series with the availability of the Samsung Gravity 3 and Samsung Gravity T. The next generation of Gravity devices offers two designs that come fully equipped with slide-out QWERTY keyboards and a complete messaging suite, including Exchange and personal e-mail capability, calendar and contacts. The Gravity 3 brings an external T9 keyboard and a slide-out, full QWERTY keyboard, while the Gravity T features a customizable 2.8-inch touch screen that provides a premium touch and messaging experience at an affordable price. Both Gravity devices include a 2-megapixel camera and camcorder, built-in music player, HTML browser and support for up to 16 GB of expandable memory.

Here’s the Gravity 3 pictures:

Gravity 3_back T-Mobile_SGH-t479 003 Gravity 3_qwertyfront T-Mobile_SGH-t479 012 Gravity 3_wht_closedfront Gravity 3_wht_closedleft Gravity 3_wht_qwertyfront Gravity 3_wht_qwertyright

Here’s the Gravity T pictures:

TMO_SGH-t669 029 TMO_SGH-t669 021 TMO_SGH-t669 024 TMO_SGH-t669 042 TMO_SGH-t669 004 TMO_SGH-t669 007 TMO_SGH-t669 012

The Samsung 🙂 features a compact, rounded-edge design, a slide-up vertical QWERTY keyboard and a dedicated shortcut for quick access to messaging applications, including text, picture, video and instant messaging, as well as Exchange and personal e-mail capability. The 🙂 offers an easy-to-use interface, a built-in camera and camcorder, a music player and support for expandable memory.

Here’s the : ) pictures:

TMO_SGH-t359 074 TMO_SGH-t359 030 TMO_SGH-t359 057 TMO_SGH-t359 024 TMO_SGH-t359 065 TMO_SGH-t359 062

Starting today, the Samsung :), Gravity 3 and Gravity T are available in T-Mobile retail stores, select authorized dealers and online at http://www.t-mobile.com. For more information about Samsung Mobile’s new lineup of messaging devices exclusively with T-Mobile USA, please visit http://www.t-mobile.com or http://www.samsung.com/newsroom.

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