TextArrest Stops Texting and Driving

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…and I like it. They mention in the press release that it’s for teenagers, but I think this should be a standard feature on all phones! I hate people that text and drive, I don’t like people that talk and drive either, but texting is a lot worse. It’s available as a free app that uses the GPS in your phone to sense when you’re going more than 5MPH and it shuts off the text messaging and calling functions of the phone. You won’t lose your messages though, they appear once you’ve stopped driving. Truly awesome app! I can’t count how many times I’ve watched people swerving all over the road while they’re texting and driving, it drives me nuts…



TextArrest Free

TextArrest Free is a free smartphone application that automatically switches off text message and calling functions while the phone is in motion. TextArrest expects teenagers to hate features such as:

  • Integration with a phone’s GPS system to determine the speed of a moving vehicle.
  • Automatic switching off of text messaging and calling functions after a phone is detected to be traveling faster than 5 MPH.
  • A customizable auto response message from the user to inform people sending text messages that their messages will be delivered once the user stops driving.

For parents and people who supervise the use of more than one family mobile phone, TextArrest also comes as an affordable subscription based service that expands the feature set available in TextArrest Free and adds Web based management to better control how mobile phones are used when family members are driving.

TextArrest Family

Managed through an easy-to-use Web based dashboard, TextArrest Family gives parents control over how and under what circumstances mobile phone features can be used, along with the ability to pinpoint on a map the location and driving routes for phones under their supervision. TextArrest expects teenagers to especially hate:

  • A Web-based management portal that lets parents take note of all phone use activity.
  • A geofencing feature that lets parents draw boundaries on a map, such as around a school, and alerts parents when a phone travels beyond geofenced boundaries.
  • Customizable alerts to notify parents in real-time when phones are traveling beyond speed limits, including a report of what speed at which the phone was clocked.
  • Customizable alerts to notify parents in real-time when TextArrest settings are tampered with or overridden.

The TextArrest applications include settings to switch a phone from “driver” to “passenger” mode for people who aren’t driving or may be riding on a bus or a train. The passenger override restores those features typically switched off by TextArrest while a phone is in motion. Both TextArrest Free and TextArrest Family let users call emergency services under any condition, even while a phone is in motion.



Visit http://www.textarrest.com to download TextArrest Free or subscribe to TextArrest Family today.

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