Tyme Machines Releases Twilight Sculpted USB Drive with Official New Moon Soundtrack

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Gack, Twilight… it’s ruining the name of vampires everywhere… but if you’re on of the millions of fans you might like this Twilight Themed USB drive that even comes with the New Moon soundtrack..

Tyme Machines, makers of licensed USB drives, is pleased to announce the release of its fully sculpted 3D Cullen Crest USB thumb drive.   The drive has a memory capacity ranging from 4GB to 16GB and is pre-loaded with the entire official New Moon Soundtrack for easy plug and play.  The drive is available for sale on www.tymemachines.com for $29.99 – $59.99. 


“Partnering with Summit Entertainment and Atlantic Records has been phenomenal,” said John McDaniel, Chief Marketing Officer of Tyme Machines.  “Together, we’ve been able to deliver a great product and satisfy the thirst of many Twilight fans to have a cool and purposeful product in their collections.”

Whether you’re looking for a place to store your school work, photos of the Twilight cast or you’re favourite MP3s, this 3” commemorative USB drive is the perfect addition to any Twilight fan’s collection. 


About Tyme Machines
Tyme Machines is a worldwide maker of licensed USB drives.  Tyme Machines is a division of Global Holdings, which was established 12 years ago.  The company has built a strong relationship with national retail chains around the globe.  Global Holdings prides itself on its extensive list of clients, which span a multitude of markets. 

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