WALdok iPhone and iPod Charger with Built-in Speaker

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For some reason I like the looks of this thing. Sure it’s kind of odd in my opinion, but yet there’s something strangely attractive about it.

The success of "grassroots" projects on Kickstarter.com with phenomenal support tend to have been mentioned on popular blogs and Web sites.

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I am working on creating an iDevice modular dock that plugs DIRECTLY into the wall and has an integrated 40mm speaker with a bass chamber .
* Wall plug-in cordless charger dock compatible with most Apple iDevices
* High quality speaker that plugs directly into standard wall sockets
* Bass chamber that reverberates and simulates a sub-woofer
* Internal battery to it can also be used as a desk top speaker (approx. 8 hours playback)
* Flip out retractable plugs for easy TRAVEL
* Compatible with interchangeable international plug adapters for UK, EU and AU

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