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About a week ago I took a look at a netbook case from Cocoon Innovations that featured their unique GridIT storage system. I found the case to be top notch, in fact I’ve continued to use it as a home for my netbook. Today for review review I’ve got another case from Cocoon, but this one is for laptops up to 15.4” in size. It also features their GridIt system, along with several pockets and lots of room for your stuff. I was truly surprised by just how much stuff I could get in this case and still have room left over. Like the netbook case, this one is also nicely made and should offer decent protection for your laptop while providing room enough for all of your stuff.

There’s no special packaging for this product, just a plastic bag and the case has an identifying tag on it:

cocoon1 cocoon2

The case outside is nicely made, a nylon material, but it’s not soft like a bag, but it’s not really hard either like a case, kind of in the middle offering a firm outer casing. It has dual heavy duty zippers on it as well.

cocoon3 cocoon5cocoon4 

In my opinion it’s not really a case as one would think of a case, more of a heavy duty bag as it is open on the top with two handles, and an included carrying strap that is nicely made as well.

cocoon6 cocoon7 cocoon8

Once you unzip it you’ll find that it opens up like a case does, and you’ll find quite a bit of room in there. On the top half is a single large pocket for folder, documents etc.

cocoon9 cocoon10

The GridIt system is above the laptop sleeve, but it’s more versatile than the one that was in the netbook case as it features two pockets on the back of it.

cocoon11 cocoon12 cocoon14

One feature I do like is the fact that both the GridIT and laptop sleeve as attached with clips so they can be removed, reversed or switched around if the user wants to.


The laptop sleeve itself is a soft neoprene that is very lightweight, but fairly thick.

cocoon15 cocoon17cocoon16


Cocoon Innovations CLB551 Laptop Case

Laptop Case Up to 15.4" Laptops

Price: $129.99

Sleek and sturdy with the signature Cocoon silhouette… this laptop case provides versatility and style. Interior features include a removable GRID-IT! panel and removable neoprene laptop sleeve.

* Airport friendly
* Shock absorbent molded case
* Removable, proprietary GRID-IT! organization system – a rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization
* Ideal for organizing iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry and other digital devices
* Removable neoprene laptop sleeve
* Detachable/Adjustable padded shoulder strap
* Double zipper design for easy access
* Accommodates up to a 15.4" laptop

* The Most Versatile Organization System Available
* Organization. Redefined.
* Ideal for iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry and other digital devices
* Versatile Organization
* Endless configurations
* Designed to hold items firmly in place
* Configure GRID-IT! your own way.

* L:17.6" × W:4" × H:15.4" / L:44.5cm x W:10cm x H:39cm

I’ve got a few netbooks, but I still have my older Dell Latitude C640 14.1” laptop that has kind of been retired in favor of the portability of the netbook, but I still use it occasionally and it deserves to be protected as well.

The GridIT system works as I’ve shown you before, but here it is stuffed with assorted things, including the power supply for my laptop with room left over for more:


My laptop actually fits rather loosely in the sleeve, but the velcro closure keeps it secure inside of the sleeve.

cocoon19 cocoon20 cocoon21

The way the GridIt comes looks reversed at first, but when you open it and have you laptop there the stuff in the GridIT is easily accessible to the user.


Travelers will appreciate this case as it is airport friendly, you can just open it up wide and send it on through the scanner without having to unpack everything.

The case is nicely made, and offers a whole lot of room for lots of stuff, even with my power supply in there I had plenty of room inside without crowding the laptop itself.

The neoprene sleeve should protect your laptop from minor bumps and will protect it from scratching assuredly.

The price of this case is listed as $129.99 , which might be consider high to some, but if you compare it to the price of case and bags from companies like Spire and Tom Bihn it fits right in with those pricings and is a bit cheaper actually. The quality of the Cocoon Innovations bag is on par with those companies as well, I own both Tom Bihn and Spire bags so I can easily compare them to one another.

One last thing though, to me this case has a rather feminine look and feel to it, but that’s just my opinion of it.

cocoon1 cocoon2 cocoon6 cocoon9


The Cocoon Innovations laptop Case is one of the nicest cases I’ve had the chance to look at, it offer a lot of room in a small space. The space available inside is rather deceptive when you just look at the case, it looks as though there isn’t much room in it, but really there is. The quality of the case is on par with those of the popular and more expensive brands out there, I think most people would be more than happy with this case and what it provides in terms of protection and available space.

9 recommended5

+Lots of room
+Well made
+Removable GridIt and laptop sleeve
+Airport friendly
+Should offer good protection for your laptop
+Includes GridIT storage system

-Price might be considered high to some


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