Crysis Warhead Reviewed

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Manufacturer: Electronic Arts and Crytek

Product Name: Crysis Warhead 

Review Date: 08/08/08

Author: Kristofer Brozio


Contrary to popular belief or rumors, PC gaming is alive and well, as long as there is a PC there will be gaming on it. There are new games being released all the time for the PC, some are good and some are not of course, but that’s how it is with all gaming platforms..

Crysis Warhead is probably one of the most anticipated games of 2007, ever since the success of Crysis, fans have been patiently awaiting a release of a sequel. So, Crysis Warhead was released, but it’s not really a sequel, as much as part of the original story, just played from a different point of view. Honestly I was a bit disappointed with this aspect of it, I was hoping for an actual sequel to Crysis, new areas, new weapons, new plotlines etc, and I was expecting to learn more about what’s going on, to help fill in the blanks, and answers the questions from the last game.

As it stands though, that’s about the only thing disappointing about Crysis Warhead really, gameplay is as expected, nothing new here, basically the same weapons, and same type of scenery really. Though it says that there are new weapons, and new areas, yes there are, but it feels the same as Crysis did.  You can’t really be disappointed with something that’s very familiar, this isn’t a bad thing, just more of the same again.

Warhead is more of an extension of the original game, in my opinion it could have been included with the first game as a second section, or maybe just an add-on to the original Crysis. It seems to me it’s something that came along to keep interest in Crysis alive, while they worked on something else. I think a better alternate version for Crysis would have been to be able to play as the aliens.

The game isn’t bad at all, it’s fun to play, and it is exciting, but again it feels like I’m playing Crysis, with a few changes.

It might seem like I’m being hard on this game, but I’m not really, as I said I’m more disappointed than anything with this ‘sequel’ to Crysis as it doesn’t bring much new to the table…

I just call them like I see them…

As with Crysis, the graphics are amazing, all of them really, I found myself walking around looking at the trees and water, and watching how the sun light came though the trees and hit the rocks or reflected off of the water or ice. It’s really cool to just walk around after and area is empty of enemies and just look at things, the graphics are truly stunning, they seem to be better than Crysis overall.

Gameplay is essentially unchanged from Crysis, there’s no difference in that area, if you played Crysis, you’ll be able to jump right in and play Warhead with no problems.

There are few new weapons, a grenade launcher, sub-machine gun and land mines as well, but here again nothing special or spectacular. The grenade launcher is cool in that it has two firing modes, the first is just explode on impact, and the second is triggered explosion, fire the grenade and it won’t explode until you detonate it.

Warhead is action packed and can be intense at moments,  it’s also not a game you’ll want to play if you’ve got kids around, quite a few F-Bombs are dropped during the dialogue. You can turn blood on and off, but even with it on though there really isn’t that much blood, or at least not what you might expect or are accustomed to seeing in other games.

Crysis Warhead comes with Crysis Wars as well, a multi-player stand alone game, which is actually fairly decent, it reminds me of BF2142 actually which I really liked, though with my schedule I haven’t had much time to play Crysis Wars, though what I did play I liked quite a bit. If just for Crysis Wars the price of Crysis Warhead is well worth it, Wars could easily be sold as a stand alone game in itself. I’m actually thinking Crysis Wars deserves it’s own separate full review.


Crysis Warhead

Adapt. Engage. Dominate!

Take on the fight as the volatile Sergeant “Psycho” Sykes in a new parallel story taking place during the events of Crysis. Psycho’s secret mission will take him to the other side of the island on a ruthless pursuit of a North Korean general hell-bent on obtaining powerful technology. With the versatile powers of his Nanosuit and an arsenal of fully customizable weapons & vehicles at his disposal, Sykes will do whatever it takes to carry out his top-secret objective.

Action on the other side of the island is more intense, the battles are fierce, and the mission protocol is no longer “Adapt to Survive”. As Sergeant Sykes, now you must adapt to dominate the battle. Twin SMG’s blazing, seizing new vehicles, or going stealth, the action and the victory is on your terms.

– Pulse-racing new installment from 2007’s PC Game of the Year: Play as Sergeant Sykes and experience a whole new side of the battle. A standard combat mission behind enemy lines becomes critical when you discover your enemies have captured something of vital importance to the ensuing war. It’s down to you to retrieve the cargo, at any cost.
– More explosive and dynamic minute to minute game play: new customizable weapons, new vehicles, new photorealistic locations to explore, and a fully interactive war zone to dominate.
– Enhanced human and alien AI: Intelligent enemies, bigger challenges, and all-new ally squad support.
– Includes Crysis Wars, an expanded new multiplayer experience with new online modes and 21 maps including seven all-new maps to battle it out against other players.
– Crysis Warhead is a standalone release and does not require ownership of Crysis to play.


So Crysis Warhead is touted as being ‘fixed’ over Crysis in that you should be able to play it fine with older systems and you won’t really need to upgrade your PC to play it, it’s true, sort of… it all depends on how high you want to have the settings at and what resolution you want to play at.

The base of my system is an EVGA 680i SLI motherboard with an Intel Quad Core C2Q6600 CPU with two gigs of ram, on Vista Ultimate 32bit.

Ok, now I’ve recently upgraded to a Diamond 4870 Video Card with 1gig of ram, (thanks to the folks at Diamond for it), you’ll see the full review on Monday actually.. but I was using a pair of EVGA 8600GTS cards in SLI before this for my gaming.

A pair of 8600GTS cards in SLI couldn’t really get past 1024×768 Resolution with any ‘eye-candy’ on, I ran it with 0AA enabled with ‘Gamer’ or High settings and averaged 31 FPS, with a minimum of 9 FPS and a Maximum FPS of 44. That 9FPS in there means there was considerable slowdowns at points in the game. The same settings with just one card netted me an Average of 19FPS, which is basically unplayable, and both of those were using DirectX 9.

Now if we move to DirectX 10, things get much worse, SLI with same same setting average me 16FPS, while single card averaged me 13FPS. So you really have to drop the settings to get anything playable at all with DX10. So maybe it’s last generation top end cards will perform well in Warhead…

So, now comes the Diamond 4870, a big upgrade over the pair of 8600GTS cards obviously, but is it really for a game like Crysis Warhead? There was a change in the base system though when going to the 4870, my HDD died with Vista32 on, so it was a good time to upgrade to Vista Ultimate 64, and of course I added two more gigs of ram as well to the system.

With the 4870 I can easily run at 1280×1024 Resolution on Gamer settings with 8XAA enabled using DX9, looks nice overall and I averaged 35FPS. Bumping it up to Enthusiast setting, I could run it and averaged 34FPS, but I had to turn Anti-Aliasing off to achieve this. Moving to DX10 with the same enthusiast settings and 0xAA, I only got an average of 27FPS.

Now with the 4870 I could though go up to 1600×1200 Resolution/DX9 on Gamer settings with 0AA, that gave me an average of 35FPS. Experimenting a bit I dropped it down to ‘Mainstream’ or Medium settings with 2xAA and averaged 63FPS with a minimum of 34FPS, which means it was totally playable and very smooth the entire time as the FPS never dropped below 30.

Moving to DirectX 10 now, I could run at 1600×1200, gamer settings with 0xAA, that gave me an average of 32FPS.  Dropping to Mainstream settings and using 8xAA gave me an average of 51FPS, and a minimum of 32FPS at 1600×1200 Resolution, so it was totally playable and smooth.

So, take those results to mean what you will…


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Crysis Warhead is a fun and exciting game, and for the cost of $29.95 it’s well worth it, especially if you consider Crysis Wars comes with it. Crysis Wars alone is worth the cost of the the game.

Gameplay is fine, there’s nothing changed from Crysis really in that regards, the graphics are obviously much improved over Crysis, and that’s saying quite a bit as Crysis looked very good as well.

I think it’s worth grabbing Crysis Warhead if you liked Crysis, if anything if gives you more of the Crysis world, exo suit and fun.


-More of Crysis! 

-Fun and exciting 

-Low priced and bundled with Crysis Wars 


-More of the same 

-Not really a sequel 

-As with Crysis you still need a decent system to play it 





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