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With the introduction of removable “Skins” the homogenous world of mass produced electronics has been given a fashion makeover. Skins allow the owner of devices such as iPods, iPhones, Blackberries, Zunes, and handheld gaming consoles to express their individual tastes.

Several different companies produce skins to personalize such devices. MusicSkins LLC is one such company; what differentiates them from other skin makers is their licensing agreements with several popular bands and artists from around the world.

Besides adding provide personality and style to popular electronic devices; skin provide some protection from scuffs and scratches. MusicSkins LLC has sent me several skins to test out and today I will look at a MusicSkin for 15” Laptops/MacBook Pro.

MusicSkins come packaged in a clear plastic sleeve with the skin resting in front and a cardboard backing showing examples of different skins available from the company on the back as well as information about the product.

MusicSkins01 MusicSkins02

MusicSkins has hundreds of different designs with categories ranging from music to fashion to art. For today’s review I picked a skin from the Art category: XPLODINGDOG – I Hate Technology.

MusicSkins03 MusicSkins04

Removing the skin from the packaging we find it is composed of 3M Controltac which according to the 3M website is a “vinyl film with positionable, pressure-activated adhesive (permanent, changeable or removable) that allows film to be repositioned on the application surface during installation.” In plain English – these skins can be removed and reapplied without damaging the skin or the device it is protecting.


Taking the skin off the backing paper reveals a crosshatch pattern on the adhesive section. This is what allows the Controltac to smooth out any bubble without having to reapply the skin. Let’s see how it looks once it is applied.



MusicSkins for 15” MacBook Pro/Laptops

MusicSkins are the premier music and music related device skins on the planet. Our skins are made from premium grade 3M vinyl and adhesive technology so they apply easily and remove without leaving any residue. We also use a high gloss over laminate, which adds durability and a photo quality finish to our skins.

Our durable skins are made of premium vinyl, which will defend your device from the harshest scratches. The special adhesive is completely removable and leaves no residue so you can easily switch your MusicSkins for the latest release. MusicSkins add almost zero bulk so your device will still integrate perfectly with almost any case, bag, dock, iTrip or armband.

MusicSkins LLC is the leader in music and music-related, high-quality, vinyl skin products. We envision all MP3 players, laptops, and phones as portable canvases for art and individuality. Our focus on music, art, culture and personalization has created a stylish way for musicians, DJs and artists to become closer to their fans while providing a low profile alternative to bulky cases. From Hip Hop to Country, Art to Fashion, and everything in between, there’s a MusicSkin to suit every taste.

No Scratches
MusicSkins protect your precious device with a durable anti-scratch, anti-UV coating.

Easy On… Easy off
3M Adhesive technology prevents bubbles and allows easy application and clean removal.

Premium Materials
MusicSkins are Made In The USA. Ultra Premium vinyl sets us apart from all other skin products.

No Bulk
Ultra-low profile means flawless integration with all accessories including docks, iTrip, cases, bags, and armbands.

For testing I used the older silver key version of the MacBook Pro but the MusicSkin for 15” Laptops is designed for either version of the 15” MacBook Pro and any 15” widescreen laptop.

Prior to receiving this latest skin I had a Gelaskin version on my laptop – Osteology by Steven Daily, which the daughters playfully name Dr. Bones. It is composed of the same material as the MusicSkins version and is otherwise constructed the same.

MusicSkins07 MusicSkins08 MusicSkins09

I was easily able to peel off the Gelaskin and placed that back onto its backing material. Application of the MusicSkin involved removing it from backing paper and applying it to the MacBook Pro.

MusicSkins like the Gelaskin can be removed and reapplied, so even if you make a mistake with the first application, one can carefully pull it off and try again. If bubbling occurs during application just gently rub that section and the Controltac smoothes it out. The skin is smaller than the actual top of the MacBook Pro so be sure to center it before pressing it down.

MusicSkins10 MusicSkins11

Here is the finished product. From my past experience skins are always a conversation starter as it adds a flare to the otherwise common laptop. The skin adds less than a millimeter to the back of the MacBook Pro so you can even use it when it’s enclosed in a protective case.

MusicSkins12 MusicSkins13 MusicSkins14

Skins will provide protection from scratches but they offer little protection otherwise. The adhesive used in the 3M Controltac does not leave any residue behind as I found out when removing Dr. Bones who has lived on my MacBook Pro for the past year.

MusicSkins01 MusicSkins02 MusicSkins06 MusicSkins13


MusicSkins help make 15” Laptops stand out. With several hundred different designs and styles there is a MusicSkin for almost any taste. They are simple to apply, remove and reuse. If you want to standout of the crowd with your 15” PC Laptop or MacBook Pro then I recommend grabbing a MusicSkin


+Easy application and removal
+Numerous design choices
+No adhesive residue left after removal
+Cool looking



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  1. Diana Wei (CaseCrown)
    August 18, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Neat! By the way, that’s a really cute theme/design you guys chose for the review. Thanks for the insider tip – thinking of purchasing one now, but i want to make sure it matches my pink alligator case.

    Diana Wei

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  11. Blaze
    August 19, 2009 at 1:59 am

    I wish they had my Acer Aspire’s size. Mine is semi-oval on top

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