Review of 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad

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With touch screens becoming more prevalent the need for products such as today’s review item are almost mandatory. A scratch on a touch screen device like an iPad is both unsightly and if the scratch is deep enough it can actually affect the user experience.

To help prevent this type of trauma 3M a company well known for their expertise in protective coverings have released the Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad. This invisible shield is advertised as scratch and smudge resistant while helping to reduce screen reflection.

Obviously there isn’t much more feature wise to it since it is a screen shield but having the 3M name behind it does mean it is well designed.

The 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad come packaged in a white cardboard sleeve with an image of an iPad and the Screen Protector rolling on to it on the front. On the back we see another iPad image with the 3M screen along with a list of features.

3M01 3M02 3M03

Inside the packaging are two Screen Protectors which is a change from most competitors who only offer one shield per package. The top of the sleeve package detaches to create the screen applicator. On the side of the sleeve we find written and pictorial instructions. Surprisingly 3M does not include a cleaning cloth or cleansing solution for the iPad screen.

3M04 3M05 3M06

The 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad is a crystal style protector. It is designed to be indistinguishable from the native screen surface.



3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad

Keep your Apple iPad looking as good as new with a 3M Natural View Screen Protector—technology that makes your digital display look and perform that much better. See what life could look like with a Natural View Screen Protector on your Apple iPad.

Crystal Clear Image – Advanced Natural View Screen PriPadotector film reduces screen reflection and increases clarity, even in bright light conditions.
Scratch Resistant – 3M technology provides superior screen protection against scratches and damage.
Smudge Resistant – 3M Scotchgard™ technology allows fingerprints and oils to wipe away easily.
Long-Lasting Protection – Natural View Screen Protectors provide a durable hardcoat of protection for your cell phone screen.
Stay-clean Edges – Innovative 3M coating protects the edges of your mobile phone and smart device from dust and grime.
Easy On/Off – 3M’s residue-free adhesive means your screen protector goes on easy and comes off clean.
Lifetime Warranty – Backed by a world leader in innovation, and brand you can trust.

Price: $30

For testing I borrowed a friends iPad as mine had an Invisible Shield on it, which I did not wish to remove. Sadly my friend’s sons had already scratched the iPad screen. At least the Protector can prevent further harm from befalling the iPad screen.

The 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad is applied to the iPad using a residue-free adhesive, which allows the shield to be easily removed or adjusted. 3M uses a dry application system, which from my experience tends to catch dust and fingerprints much easier than a moist system found with Invisible Shield. The best time to apply this style of shield is when the iPad is brand new right out of the box.

I highly recommend applying the 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad in a relatively dust free environment and also wearing rubber gloves to apply the shield onto the iPad.

Here are some before shots of the iPad. Notice the scratches on the right upper half of the iPad, ouch!


The 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad is cut to the precise size of the iPad screen so having a second pair of hands to lay it down on the iPad is also recommended.

Once the shield is in position use the include applicator to smooth out any trapped air bubbles. You may notice some bubbles have a little halo around them this is usually trapped dust or particulate matter. If applied properly in optimal conditions you should not see that under the Screen Protector. Unfortunately on this attempt I was not so lucky as to be dust free.

These are the application photos.

3M09 3M10 3M11

This is the final product. As you can see there are some small pieces of dust under the screen that were caught by the 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad before final positioning of the screen.

3M12 3M13

Looking at the finished application you’ll immediately notice that the reflection from the shielded iPad is almost the same as the naked iPad screen. According to 3M the 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad should reduce glare and reflection; I personally did not notice a difference.

The shield also seemed to catch the finger oil and grease just as readily as the naked screen but did seem to wipe off easier than off the iPad screen itself.

With the 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad in place it is hard to tell that the iPad is actually covered especially when the edges are covered by a case such as the original Apple iPad case.

3M14 3M15

 3M01 3M07 3M11 3M14

Let’s face it, scratching your iPad screen sucks. Whether you are obsessive about it like myself or more laid back about it; it still affects the aesthetic and sometimes the functions of the touch screen. 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad is an excellent choice for prevent such catastrophe.

With the 3M name you know that this is not some chintzy screen protector as they have a tremendous reputation and experience in making clear protective screens.

Overall the appearance of the screen is barely noticeable other than around the edge of the iPad and home button. If you are looking for good affordable protection then the 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPad is an excellent choice. Plus if you damage or improperly apply the shield on the first try you have a second one on standby.


+Simple application
+3M Lifetime Warranty
+Film covers entire iPad screen surface
+Two protectors per package

-Catches fingerprints as easily as actual iPad screen
-Still has some glare


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  1. Nik
    February 3, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    LOL. My grandmother could apply a screen protector better than the shown results.

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