Review of Angry Birds Rio for Android

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The birds are back! This time our fine feathered friends are traveling to Rio to rescue their fellow birds who are being held captive by smugglers. Today the Amazon Appstore for Android was unveiled and with it the release of the newest version of everyone’s favorite way to pass the time called Angry Birds Rio. I figured I would take a quick look at it for you, it’s certainly worth getting I think.



Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Land in Rio

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any angrier, the Angry Birds flock gains new cause for vengeance. Swept away by smugglers to Rio di Janeiro, their captors soon find out that these caged birds don’t sing. It’s time to bring back their unique brand of weaponry–the finger-powered slingshot–and launch the newest adventure in the world’s most popular physics-based casual game.

In the original Angry Birds, this peace-loving flock was hoodwinked by greedy green pigs with a hunger for poached eggs. After the pigs stole their precious eggs, this flock was friendly no more: unleashing an arsenal of angry bird artillery, the avian army smashed through the green pigs and their hideouts. The world pulled the trigger with glee as these ornery birds made bacon out of swine.

A New Reason for Revenge

Now, after an all-too-brief period of peace, a new mission is unveiled. Kidnapped, caged, and whisked away to a foreign land by animal smugglers, the Angry Birds escape the clutches of their bungling captors–but they soon discover a deeper purpose.

Slews of rare and endangered birds are being held captive in Rio di Janeiro, and it’s up to the Angry Birds to rescue their winged friends by cracking open their cages and setting them free. Among the captives are two rare macaws named Blu and Jewel–the stars of the animated motion picture, Rio.

20th Century Fox and Rovio have united feathery forces, joining the heroes of Angry Birds with the stars and storyline of Rio. Take off in a flurry of exciting gameplay and challenges as you escape the smugglers, smash through their hideouts, and embark on the biggest Angry Birds adventure yet.

Technically I shouldn’t be able to be playing the new Angry Birds Rio or even access the new Amazon Appstore on my phone as I’m on AT&T. The way around that of course is  to enable sideloading, and of course I did on my Samsung Captivate.

load it up and you’ll see a pair of birds hanging out on a branch with the title there along with the start button, info buttons and web links.


Angry Birds Rio only comes with two levels, the Smuggler’s Den and Jungle Escape. There are four more levels scheduled to be released in May, July, October and November of this year. I think that’s rather sad honestly that you only get two levels for such a great game. At the bottom of the screen is an Awards trophy.


Press the trophy and you’ll be taken to the screen showing the things you found, or your awards. I finished the game, or at least the two levels and didn’t get much as I was sort of in a hurry.


When you first start the game you’ll get to see the now common Angry Birds cinematic telling the story.


The levels or sections are set up the same way as the original Angry Birds, numbered, to move to the next one you’ll need to complete the one before it.

rio4 rio5

As I said I’m playing Angry Birds on my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, and I had no problems playing it. It played very smoothly, and it looks great.  Here’s a few screen shots from the Smuggler’s Den level. It’s dark and gloomy inside, but the graphics are very nice, the details are excellent.

rio7 rio8 rio9 rio10

When you move into the Jungle Escape area you’ll be greeted with a new enemy, monkeys. It’s set in the Jungle so you’ll find bananas, trees and jungle like structures.

rio11 rio12 rio13 rio14

The monkeys are animated and sometimes they won’t fall, they try and cling on to whatever they’re perched upon. When you lose to the monkeys they laugh at you which just makes you want to do better the next time. The monkeys are kind of funny actually.

rio1 rio6 rio7 rio11

Angry Birds Rio is an excellent and fun next chapter in the Angry Birds saga, that’s for sure.

Personally I think it’s a bit too short for my tastes, but we’ll just have to wait for the next levels to be released, a long time for them to be released that is.

The graphics are very good with excellent attention to detail.

I for one can’t wait for the next update.


+It’s the Angry Birds!
+Excellent graphics
+New enemies to defeat
+New areas to play

-Fairly short gameplay time
-Must wait months until next update to play more levels


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