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Ever hear of Coloud? I didn’t until one of their sets of headphones appeared on my doorstep for review. Their new line is called Colors and they’re aptly named as you can get them in many different colors. Today I have the Blue Coloud Colors for review, they’re inexpensive and they have an in-line microphone with remote control.

The box for the headphones is rather nice and it’s open on the side to show the product.

blue1 blue2

Inside you’ll only find the headphones and a warranty sheet as well


The speakers themselves are padded nicely.


The earpieces are made of plastic and there’s metal extensions going through them to adjust the size and they swivel slightly for fit.


In-Line you can also find a play/pause button and a microphone.



Coloud Colors

-Just like the Coloud C22 headphone but we added a microphone / remote function so you can answer those calls that come in and interrupt the sound of music in your ears.
-Microphone / Remote: Compatible with most Mobile Phones featuring a 3.5mm plug, such as iphone, HTC and Blackberry

Driver Unit: 40 mm Power Drivers
Frequency Range: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Impedance: 32 ± 15% ohm
Sensitivity :114 dB at 1 kHz
Rated Input Power: 20 mW
Plug: 3.5 mm
Microphone: Unidirectional electret
Premium replacement warranty: 1 year

Price: $40.00

I used the Coloud headphones with my PC, Samsung Captivate and Zune HD for testing.

Using it with the PC I found it to sound rather odd, not the best sounding really. I think the reason is because I was playing it though the speaker remote and not directly though the PC itself.

With the Zune HD the sound was much better but there’s a distinct lack of bass, if you’re into heavy bass then these certainly are not for you. The treble was decent though, but still a bit light for my tastes.

Using them with the Captivate I was hoping the remote control might work and it did, sort of. It worked fine with the movie player but not the music player. Sound was the same as with the Zune HD, not bad but not that great either. I did notice that they can get very loud, but at very high volumes they do get slightly distorted.

The one major problem I have with the Coloud Colors headphones is comfort, they’re just not that comfortable at all. The pads are nice and soft yes, but the spring is very strong making them push into my ears and even after just a few minutes my head hurt. I used them for even longer and wound up with a slight headache actually. I don’t think I’ve got a big head as I’ve not got problems with other headphones, only these. They do fit my kids fine though.

blue1 blue3 blue4 blue5

The Coloud Colors headphones cost only $40 so I wasn’t expecting high end quality sound, and I didn’t get it, but it wasn’t bad overall.

The in-line remote and microphone works with some phones but not all, with my Captivate it didn’t work quite right. Still though it is nice to have the remote and microphone if you’re got something that works with it.

Comfort is an issue, I could have overlooked the sound quality but they’re just not very comfortable at all honestly, just way too tight on my head. These headphones might be great for kids though.


+Soft padding
+Decent sounds
+In-line microphone and remote

-A bit uncomfortable for even short periods of time
-Light on bass


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  3 comments for “Review of Coloud Colors Headphones

  1. Brew62
    February 2, 2012 at 6:51 am

    I found this review to be spot on…thank You

  2. Jay
    September 26, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    I have been wearing a pair of these for over 18 months now, and I agree 100% with the comfort issue. I can only wear these for about 4 hours until the pain gets too uncomfortable and I have to take them off. I had a huge problem with the metal wiring on the top pressing into my scalp, but that was only for the first few months. Now it isn’t noticeable anymore. But the pain from the headphones themselves is just horrific. It feels like my ears are being pressed against jarlids, and they are dark red when I remove the headphones after extended use.

  3. Faris
    August 25, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    Mates can I use it for microphone
    on PC?

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