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With the proliferation of portable media players and phones people are using headphones and earphones more than ever. Seeing young children can wearing earphones while playing or listening to their iPod Touches is now commonplace. Now more than ever protecting one’s hearing should be a concern.

dBLogic is attempting to address this matter with their "Sound Pressure Level Limiting" line of audio products. Their SPL2 technology “manipulates sound waves and selectively lowers the volume while still keeping the shape of the sound wave curve.” This means that the sound wave is not clipped which also prevents distortion of the audio.

Today we will look at dBLogic’s first headphone release. Strangely dBLogic have not assigned a model name or number to this product so it is simply known as the dBLogic Headphone.

dBLogic was kind enough to send us a pre release model of the dBLogic Headphones so there was no packaging with this sample. Supposedly it will be packaged with a carrying case.

According to the website the dBLogic Headphones will be available is six colors including Barracuda Blue, Big Apple Red, Green Shamrock, Pink Valentine, Quick Silver and Orange Tiger.

For today’s review we will be looking at the Quick Silver model.

dBLogic01 dBLogic02

The dBLogic Headphones is an over the ear set of "cans" that conveniently fold up into a smaller form factor which makes carrying them around much easier than other headphone models.

These headphones are composed of plastic, metal and foam; they are lightweight yet solidly constructed.


The headband is an adjustable metal band and can extend or retract to fit most any size head from child to adult. Two plastic clips on each side are used to adjust the band size. There is no padding on this band which made these two plastic clips noticeable and a bit annoying when wearing the headphones directly on one’s head. When I wore a baseball cap then this was not a perceptible issue.

dBLogic04 dBLogic05 dBLogic06

The speakers come with foam padding and are designed to swivel and rotate to provide optimal positioning. The outside of these speakers are a half oval with a mesh covering and the dBLogic logo on each side. In terms of size these speakers are on the smaller end of the spectrum.

dBLogic07 dBLogic08 dBLogic09

The headphone cables come off each speaker and meet at a splitter 12 inches away. If you plan to use these headphones with an iPhone or Android phone just be aware that there is no mic or in-line remote for music control.


The entire length of cable measures 54 inches. Below the splitter the cable becomes slightly thicker and ends at a straight 3.5mm plug.



dBLogic Headphones

Maximum Comfort
Ultra-flexible design that provides a comfortable fit. The adjustable headband and swivel design accommodate every head size and shape, while cushioned ear cups provide additional comfort and immerse you in the music.

Superior Sound
It’s all about the music, and dB Logic headphones deliver crystal clear, distortion free sound with a rich, full bass.

Help Prevent Hearing Loss
SPL2 Technology provides real protection against the high sound pressure levels that cause hearing damage when you listen to music for extended periods of time.
With db Logic headphones, you really can listen longer.

Convenient Portability
Lightweight and compact, dB Logic headphones squeeze down to the size of a DVD and come with a handy carrying case, so they can go wherever you go.

Technical Specifications

Patent pending SPL2 technology
Speaker Diameter – 38mm
Frequency Range – 20Hz-20kHz
Max. Input Power – 40mW
Cable Length – 1.4m
Plug Type – 3.5mm

What is Sound Pressure
Sounds are essentially the vibration of a conductive medium (like air). The vibrations, called sound waves, can be analyzed by measuring the pressure they exert. The larger the sound wave, the greater the pressure the wave can exert on your ears. The measurement of this pressure is called sound pressure and is measure in decibels (dB). High-pressure sound waves (e.g. loud music) can damage your hearing.

What is SPL2?
SPL2 stands for “Sound Pressure Level Limiting,” the patent-pending technology from dB Logic that manipulates sound waves and selectively lowers the volume while still keeping the shape of the sound wave curve.

The Best Sound
While other products merely clip the sound wave, SPL2 intelligently modifies the sound wave to closely match the profile of the original sound wave, while keeping the overall volume level at a level that can help avoid hearing loss.

No Distortion
By maintaining the integrity of the sound wave, the limiting is virtually transparent to the consumer, and the audio content does not sound warped or distorted To the listener, there are no audible artifacts of the limiting.

No Batteries Required
SPL2 Technology is embedded in the headphones. It’s the only battery-free, distortion-free approach to sound pressure-limiting technology available.

For testing I used the dBLogic Headphones with my iPhone 4 and iPod Nano.

Comfort wise the dBLogic Headphones were good; the padded headphones were well cushioned and the adjustable headband helped things in place without feeling too tight. I was able to wear these "cans" for long sessions with ease.

The earpieces did not go over my ears but rested on top of the outside. For an adult I would call these mini-headphones in terms of size. On my daughter these headphones actually fit perfectly.


To test the sound pressure system I listened to some heavy music at full volume and did not have to adjust the volume. When listening to the same songs at the same volume with other headphones not using the SPL2 technology, I had to immediately lower the volume. So yes the SPL2 feature in the dBLogic Headphones does work.

One thing I did notice is these headphones took a few seconds to adjust the volume when starting a song, so for a second or so you may get a loud sound "blast".

These headphones feature rich bass and sounded pretty accurate to the source recording. There was no noticeable distortion or clipping only the slightly reduced volume in comparison to other earphones or headphones. Overall the sound quality was quite good especially considering the dBLogic Headphone’s price.

dBLogic01 dBLogic02 dBLogic09 dBLogic08


If you frequently listen to music with headphones and hearing loss is a concern yet you don’t want to sacrifice sound quality then the dBLogic Headphones are an excellent option. Priced below $50 they are a bargain considering they sound pretty good while keeping the user’s ear drums protected.

The build quality is good and they are on the smaller side making them portable enough for everyday use. Right now these will be my daughter’s headphones as I don’t want her hearing to be damaged from blasting Taylor Swift.


+Solid construction
+Prevents hearing loss
+Fits adults and kids

-No inline controls
-Lack of mic


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