Review of Evercool Silent Shark HPO-12025 CPU Cooler

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The Evercool Silent Shark performs very well as is expected, it has plenty of cooling fins and heatpipes along with two fans that a great job together to keep the CPU running nice and cool.

The Silent Shark is unique in that it features the ability to angle the front fan so that it can be installed with larger style ram.

The cooler is well made and includes two cooling fans but they can be overly loud in my opinion but thankfully Evercool included fan speed adapters to lower the speeds of the fans and make them virtually silent.

The temperatures of the Evercool Silent Shark are very good actually, but it’s to be expected with a cooler this large, and that’s one of its downfalls sadly. The cooler is just huge and there might be problems installing it on some motherboards and in some PC cases. I could only mount the cooler one way on my motherboard due to the larger style chipset heatsinks around the cooler. The size of the cooler also comes into play when it comes to the placement and size of the ram your might use in your system. there’s no way I could use ram with large style heatsinks in the first slow as the cooler slightly overlaps the ram slots. All motherboards aren’t the same as we know, some, all or none of these issues might come up on other motherboards.









+Very good cooling performance
+Unique ability to angle front fan
+Fan speed adapters make fan virtually silent

-Very big cooler
-Lots of parts for installation
-Loud on full speed

Design / Aestheticscore-9-10
Value / Pricescore-9-10
Performance / Usagescore-9-10

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