Review of Genius Kids Designer 5” x 8” Graphic Tablet for Kids

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When it comes to kids there’s a lot of games for them but not much in the way of peripherals really. Genius recently sent over the Kids Designer graphic tablet for kids for me to review. I let my 5yr old son play with it and he likes it a lot. I then had to use it myself and I have to say for a kids tablet it’s not bad at all.

So it comes in a box which I don’t care for personally as it depicts the idea that you can actually draw on the tablet but you really can’t.

kids1 kids2

Inside you’ll find the tablet packaged well.


Included with the tablet is just a user manual and CD.


The tablet is for children so it’s brightly colored in orange, blue and yellow. The Kids Designer logo is at the top while the Genius one is at the bottom.

kids5 kids7

The working space is five inches by eight inches with dots on it.


There’s a single button on the left side.


The stylus is attached to the tablet with a wire. The stylus itself is larger and rather fat actually, it can be attached to the pad for safe keeping.

kids9 kids10

The back of the tablet is bright blue with the ID label on it.



Kids Designer

5” x 8” Graphic tablet for kids

Let your children begin a great adventure which is full of excitement and creativity with the most innovative tablet from Genius – Kids Designer.
It’s a fun and fresh idea for kids from the ages of 3-8. With Kids Designer, they can paint, draw, write and use it as a mouse or even play a
game. The specially developed game software helps inspire kids to accelerate their learning skills in colors, shape, math, thinking, etc. Now
children can express what they are thinking and create their imagination using the included game software. A series of fun games are also
made for pure enjoyment and excitement./ Kids Designer tablet is easy to use and install. It comes in a eye-catching outlook and makes a great
gift for your children.

-Easy to use tablet for children from the ages of 3-8
-Great games for education learning and creativity
-5”x8” large working area for unlimited freedom
-Pen clip design for easy storage
-Enter key for instant game access

Tablet Place-USB    Yes
Tablet Place-OS Support: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Tablet working Area: 5"x8"
Tablet Wide/4:3 Screen: Wide
Tablet Resolution(LPI): 2540
Tablet Place-Report Rates (PPS): 125
Digital Pen- Number of Buttons: 2
Digital Pen- Pressure Sensitive: 1024

You can use the tablet as a mouse in windows, I used it on both Windows XP and Windows 7 where it worked fine. The drivers installed automatically with no need of the included CD.

As I said the stylus is fat, it’s made for children, so an adult using it can be awkward, at least I found it to be. I found it to be good enough for basic navigation of windows, the pen is sensitive and you can push down on it to make thicker lines while drawing. I wouldn’t use it for professional things for for children is more than adequate.

Included with the tablet is a suite of fun and learning games that are cute and colorful.

The activities are broken up into three parts that are ‘For Learning’, ‘For Creativity’ and ‘For Fun’


Under the learning sections you’ll find  five activities: Travel the World, Shadow Drawing, Math Hero, Paint the Eggs, and 1-2-3.


Travel the World is a shape matching game really, they show you the shape and name of a country and you drag and drop it onto the appropriate space on the map.

kids14 kids15

Shadow Dancing is rather fun, you math the shadow to the shape.

kids16 kids17 kids18

math hero is about selecting grater than or less than of the objects shown on screen. kids19 kids21 kids20

Paint the Eggs is a memory type game. There’s a basket of eggs and you’re shown which ones are painted for  a few seconds, then they go blank and you have to paint them again.

kids22 kids23 kids24

1-2-3 is following the number drawing. When the pictures is complete it fills in colorfully.


Under For Creativity you’ll only find two activities, Colorful Painter and Learning Board.


Colorful Painter is just a painting activity, free to do what you want.

kids28 kids29

Learning Board is a combination of drawing and coloring with three activities included in it actually.

kids30 kids31 kids32 kids33 kids34

The next section if For Fun where you’ll find four games: Pet Party, Magic Box, Fish-catching fun and Animal Keeper.


In Fish-catching fun you just have to draw a circle around the colored fish that appear on the right side, fairly simple but fun.

kids36 kids37 kids38

Pet Party is sort of like Whack-a-Mole really, only no whacking involved. Animals pop up from behind the bushes and you have to select the ones that match what is shown at the top.

kids39 kids40 kids41

Animal Keeper is kind of like the gemstone games out there, you rotate the pieces to make matches.

kids42 kids43

The last game is Magic Box where a part of a picture is shown and you have to select what it’s from.

kids44 kids45 kids46

kids1 kids4 kids5 kids10

The Kids Designer tablet from Genius  is great for small children I think, it’s colorful and well made. My five year old son very much enjoys using it for the included games and even with other things in windows.

The games are bright and fun and similar to others. They are all for learning even though they are disguised as games. The Kids Designer tablet can help make learning fun. for children.


+Colorful and well made
+Great for kids
+Included games are educational and fun

-Not accurate all of the time really


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  5 comments for “Review of Genius Kids Designer 5” x 8” Graphic Tablet for Kids

  1. May 4, 2011 at 7:40 am

    Nice review, i think I will have a try.

  2. May 5, 2011 at 8:23 am

    you can simply use the tablet as a mouse, meaning that you can make the file in paint, Photoshop, whatever programs you can draw in. Really, how people believe the tablets help you study is by the hand motions. Studies show that when one writes something down on pen and paper, the person is more likely to remember what they wrote.

  3. Leaflet Distribution
    July 12, 2011 at 3:35 am

    Wow i love that colorful tablet for kids. ..That’s a nice gift to give ..

  4. July 28, 2011 at 6:06 am

    I found it to be good enough for basic navigation of windows, the pen is
    sensitive and you can push down on it to make thicker lines while
    drawing. I wouldn’t use it for professional things for for children is
    more than adequate. 

  5. shirley
    August 15, 2011 at 6:23 am

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