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Working out at the gym with larger smartphones such as the iPhone 6S+ or a Galaxy Note can be ponderous. For runners, using an armband with these gigantic phones can be just as unwieldy. Griffin the maker of smart phone accessories has developed a remedy to this issue.

The Trainer Hip Belt is designed to carry most any size iPhone or Samsung Galaxy during workouts, on runs or just when out and about. It features four headphone openings for universal smartphone compatibility. While other running belts hide the phone out of the sight, Griffin provides a clear window for visualizing the display and easy interaction.

The Trainer Hip Belt has pockets for carrying a key and storing headphones. To help keep the user safe there are high-visibility reflective accents on the Trainer Hip Belt

The Trainer Hip Belt arrives in a cardboard box with it visualized through a clear plastic window on the right and a picture of a model wearing the belt on the left. The back of the box shows the Trainer Hip Belt and lists its features. On the side of the box is a compatibility list. The Griffin Trainer Hip Belt is designed to work with the iPhone 5 through iPhone 6S+ and the Samsung Galaxy S3 to S6 and Note 4 and Note 5.

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Opening the package we find the Trainer Hip Belt. The clips and buckle are composed of TPU while the belt is a spandex material with elastic webbing to fit waists sizes 25” to 56”. It is basically a pouch with a belt that has a clear window for viewing and accessing the smartphone.

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The back of the pouch has a neoprene like material for sliding the smartphone into place.

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It comes in black with a fluorescent yellow reflective accent around the see through window. Outside of the window on the belt are four headphone openings for plugging in earbuds. On either side of the window are small pouches for storing one’s headphones and a key.

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The buckle is a snap in clip and holds the Trainer Hip Belt securely in place around the wearer’s waist. Two adjustable sliders are found on the belt’s sides.

Specifications and Features


Griffin Trainer Hip Belt

Keep the important stuff—your smartphone, earbuds and a key—with you while you’re active.

Ultra-comfortable belt adjusts to fit waists up to 56” (142.2 cm)

High-visibility reflective accents keep you safer when running in low light.

Hip Belt’s see-through window provides easy access to your touchscreen.



Ultra-comfortable running belt for smartphones

Touch-through window for touchscreen access

Fits iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, and more

Adjustable from 25″ to 56″ waists for maximum comfort

Materials: spandex, TPU, elastic webbing

In The Box: Trainer Hip Belt

Warranty: One Year



iPhone 6s & iPhone 6

iPhone 6s Plus & iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 5s

iPod touch 5th gen.

iPod touch 6th gen.

Samsung Note 4

Samsung Galaxy S6


Trainer Hip Belt’s full-screen, see-through window allows for easy access to a smartphone’s touchscreen, letting users conveniently select a new playlist or answer a text without removing the phone from the belt. For many runners, music is an integral part of getting into a workout. The belt includes four headphone openings that allow runners to plug in their earbuds from any direction the phone sits, letting them get the musical motivation they need for their workout.

Trainer Hip Belt features high-visibility reflective accents that provide additional safety for runners in low light and keep them visible from drivers and other runners on the road. It also includes a convenient storage slot for a house key, making it easy to keep on hand.

The adjustable spandex belt fits waists from 25″ to 56″ and allows runners to comfortably carry their smartphone close to their center of gravity, avoiding added weight on either side that could affect their stride. Trainer Hip Belt fits most smartphones including iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Price: $29.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review

To use the Griffin Trainer Hip Belt you will need to slide the smartphone into the back of the pouch. Two overlapping flaps of neoprene material overlap to keep the phone in place. Depending on the size of the smartphone used, usually you can keep its case on the device within the Griffin Trainer Hip Belt.

Hip Belt 14 Hip Belt 15


Once you get to the phablet sized devices then the phone will need to go in au naturel. For this review I tested the Griffin Trainer Hip Belt with both an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S+. The former easily slid into the pouch with its case on while the latter needed to be taken out of its Speck case before snuggly fitting into the Trainer Hip Belt. The smaller iPhone 6 was simpler to get into the Griffin Trainer Hip Belt while the larger iPhone 6S+ took a little more manipulation as it fills the pouch up in its entirety.

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The orientation does not matter when inserting the smartphone into the pouch as each side has the same openings for the home button, headphone jack and speakers.

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While wearing the Trainer Hip Belt the user can access the smartphone’s touchscreen through the clear front screen without removing the phone from the belt.

The belt is easily adjustable to fit most waist sizes. Once properly set the Griffin Trainer Hip Belt stays in place fairly snuggly. There is a noticeable difference between the heavier iPhone 6S+ and an iPhone 6 when running but that has to do with the weight disparity between the two devices.

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As a runner I was previously using the SpiBelt with my iPhone 6S+ which kept the phone covered and inaccessible during runs. The Griffin Trainer Hip Belt solves this issue with the clear window; with it in place I was able to access the phone’s touchscreen while on the run.

Using the Trainer Hip Belt is much more comfortable than using an arm band, especially when at the gym where the belt is out of the way of the majority of exercise routines while an arm band is not. In addition the belt does not get as sweaty as an armband.

The main issue I have with the Trainer Hip Belt are with the side pouches for a key and the headphones. Unless you are a master of origami or wire management I can’t see how the Griffin Trainer Hip Belt can store headphones in its side pouch.

Hip Belt 22


As for the key pocket, it works well if you run with a single key otherwise you will run into the same issue as the headphones.

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The Griffin Trainer Hip Belt is designed for anyone who wishes to carry around his or her smart phone while still having access to the phone’s display. It works whether going for a stroll, working out at the gym or out for a run. Numerous other running belts hide the phone’s screen away in a darkened pouch.

Griffin designed the Trainer Hip Belt to accommodate up to tablet size devices. It features highly reflective accents to help provide an additional safety in low light conditions. Two storage slots are found on the belt but their utility is limited due to their size.

Overall the Griffin Trainer Hip Belt is a viable option for carrying one’s smartphone while exercising or when out and about.

+Fits larger size smartphones including phablet size devices
+Window for touchscreen access

-Small storage pockets
-Need to remove case for phablet-sized devices
-Only one color option at this time



Scores Out of 10
Design / Aestheticscore-8-10
Value / Pricescore-8-10
Performance / Usagescore-8-10

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