Review of Id America The new Spark Aluminum In-ear Headphones

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Up for review today I have the ID America new Spark in-ear headphones and these feature an all aluminum construction with a great design making them aesthetically pleasing. The headphones have 8mm dynamic drivers in them that offer very good bass and decent highs for a  nice rounded sound from them. The new Spark headphone’s also have an in-line multifunction remote and microphone so you can not only control your music but you make and receive call as well while wearing the headphones. So read on…



The packaging for the Spark looks great, I love the black color scheme. The cover is actually a slip cover over the main box which when removed reveals the Id America logo.


 spark2 spark3


The main box has a magnetic clasp on it and once opened you’ll find the Spark headphones themselves and the case in a cloth covered plastic tray.

spark5 spark4


The tray just pops out and under it I found the brief user guide. The tray is actually two sections, the center section with the case in it comes out and under it is the rest of the cord for the headphones.

spark6 spark7


The little carrying case appears to be leather covered and it sort of reminds me of a hat box and it’s secured shut with a button on the side or front. The case is actually very stiff and when you open in you’ll find a bag with the extra ear bud covers in it.  The inside of the case is cloth lined to protect the headphones when they are in it. All in all the case is very nice and it should protect the headphones very well.


spark10 spark11


Id America included small, medium and large sized ear bud covers with the medium ones already on the headphones. They’re just soft silicone which should make the comfortable and create a nice seal in your ear.



The wires are rubber coated for durability and it’s about 49 inches long.



The cord does have a divider in-line where the cables split into right and left and you’ll also find a spring style clip so your attach it to your collar or wherever on your clothing.



On the left line is the remote control and microphone. It’s just  single button that does multiple functions depending on the type of phone you’re using it with. You can use it to answer and end calls and of course play and pause your music with just one click. Two clicks will advance to next song and three clicks will go to previous song. There’s also something they call ‘voice over’ which can be activated with a long press of the button.

spark18 spark19


The new Spark headphones are deigned to resemble a spark plug and they sort of do, I actually very much like the looks of them. They are an all metal aluminum construction so they should be very durable.

spark14 spark15

 spark16 spark17




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