Review of Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910

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There’s plenty of webcams out there, you can pick them up for under $30 and it seems everyone has one these days. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing though.  if you want a good webcam, one that you know is going to produce good results then you’ll pay for it and you’ll want to go to a reputable company for it. In comes Logitech, they’re well known by everyone I’m sure, and they’ve been making webcams for a long time so they know what they’re doing. Today for review I’ve got the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 that’s one of the best out there today, and that’s not just my opinion either. This camera features the ability to do 1080P, has Carl Zeiss optics and features dual microphones. Coming those with everything else and you’ve got the making of an excellent, high quality product that produces fantastic results.

I did a video unboxing, though I’m not sure why. I expected a bit more to be in the packaged I guess, but not to waste it here it is. Make sure you press the HD button there in the video interface for a better video.

The box is rather large for the small camera that’s in it.

logi1 logi2

Opening it up you’ll only find the camera, CD and some documentation.


The Logitech C910 camera is top of the line with dual stereo microphones and Carl Zeiss optics.


The camera features a an adjustable stand that can basically clip on your desktop monitor or laptop display.

logi5 logi6

logi7 logi8


Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910

Record in Full HD 1080p
Keep everyone up to date with breathtaking Full HD 1080p video recording.

Call in HD 720p
Enjoy widescreen HD 720p video on most major IMs and Logitech Vid HD.

Works with your computer, apps
PC? Mac? Logitech Vid HD? FaceTime? Skype? Windows Live Messenger? Yep, the C910 works with ’em all.

One-click upload to Facebook
You can easily capture HD video (1080p) and upload it to Facebook or YouTube with just one click.

Lifelike stereo audio
You can be sure your loved ones will hear the real you thanks to dual stereo mics.

Plays nice with Windows and Mac
Windows? Mac? FaceTime iChat? Skype? Google Voice and Chat? It doesn’t matter. It works with what you have. Plus, if want to edit your pics and photos, it’s compatible with iPhoto and iMovie—even Photo Booth.

10-megapixel snapshots
Delivers be-there-quality video and lets you take high-definition 10-megapixel snapshots (software enhanced).

Face-recognition login
Log in to your computer and your favorite sites with the included face-recognition software. It’ll save you time and impress your friends.

RightLight 2 technology
Even if you make a video call in dim or poorly backlit settings, the camera will intelligently adjust to produce the best possible image.

Logitech Video Effects
Your video calls get an extra dose of fun with Video Effects. It’s easy to spice things up with neon splashes, fish-eye distortions and more.

Includes Logitech Vid HD
Now video calling is free, fast and easy for you and anyone you want to talk to. It’s built into your webcam setup, so you can call right away.

Carl Zeiss optics
You’ll enjoy razor-sharp images from a lens designed with the help of one of the pioneers in the industry.

Free video editing software
Logitech has teamed up with MAGIX to offer MAGIX Photo Manager 9 and MAGIX Video Easy with your new Logitech webcam. And they’re free.

Price: $99.99

The mount is flexible and rubberized for non-slip, it should fit over most any sized LCD monitor and even a laptop screen and stay in place. The cord though is an issue for desktops anyway, I think it’s a bit too short. If you have your desktop under your desk then the cord might not be long enough.

logi9 logi10 logi11

When it’s on there are two blue LEDs on each side, you can turn these off via the settings in the software.


Installation, including updates took about five minutes and that was installing the included Vid HD software as well.


logi13 logi14

logi15 logi16

If you want to make calls you’ll need to configure the software and create an account with Logitech to call through their services. You can use it with others like Google, iChat and Skype though. The camera is 1080p yes, but it only does 720p for video chat and that’s if the service can support it.

logi17 logi26 logi27

Once I got it installed and starting playing around with it I was a bit surprised by the fact that it has pan tilt zoom features, I just thought ‘Wow, that’s cool’.

There’s a small control panel when you turn it on that has pan, tilt and zoom features on it and basic webcam options.

logi18 logi25

The camera does offer many types of effects like Face Accessories, Fun Filters and Video Masks. If you want to add a little fun to your life then you’ve got plenty to pick from.

logi20 logi21 logi22 logi23 logi24

Under the Settings you’ll find adjustments for the camera and information.

logi28 logi29 logi30

Something else I found a bit interesting is that the C910 can be used as a security camera complete with motion detection.


Here are two still pictures I took with it, one zoomed in and then not. When zoomed and close it can get a bit grainy, and movement can as well, but it still looks decent, at least the video does.  Most any digital zoom though does get grainy or pixelated, so it’s not surprise really.

logi34 logi35

logi1 logi4 logi3 logi33

The Logitech Webcam C910 costs about $100 and I think it’s worth every penny really, I don’t think you’ll find a better camera with this many features out there today.

The build quality is great, the camera is lightweight but seems to be well made.

The picture quality is very good, and the camera just has tons of features that most anyone will appreciate in a webcam.


+Excellent still pictures
+Motion detection
+Pan tilt and zoom features
+Great audio
+Easy and stable mount
+Works well in low light

-Chat in 720p only
-Rather short USB cable
-Can be fuzzy at times when recording video


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  3 comments for “Review of Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910

  1. photo recovery
    January 27, 2011 at 10:48 am

    Logitech C910 cam is indeed is good camera. I have already used it and found good.

  2. Sbely
    January 27, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    I have this cam, and support this review, you get what you pay for, this is an excellent cam. Another great pick is the cam pro 9000, which is sometimes on sale and offers equally great video results


  3. steve
    November 30, 2012 at 6:48 am

    Having difficulty with zoom while streaming live video. Picture darkens after third click on zoom. Any ideas?

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