Review of NewerTech iSesamo Repair Tool

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I’m a tinkerer, or someone that likes to do things myself, and I also like to take things apart and see what makes them tick. Many times doing this I accidentally damage things sadly, especially things with thin seams on them. Today I’ve got a quick review of a what I consider a must-have product for anyone like me, it’s called the iSesamo and it’s from NewerTech. The iSesamo is a tool, but it doesn’t look like a tool really, but it is. This little tool will let you open things like iPods and anything else with very tight seams without damaging the housing. The iSesamo is metal so it can be used over and over again, and it’s simple but yet it’s invaluable to the DIYer.



The ultimate repair tool for electronic device repair
iSesamo makes opening electronics simple. This must-have tool for repair pros and DIYers is a thin, flexible and resilient steel blade that easily slides between panes of the most common electronic devices to pop them open in an instant. Whether you’re changing a battery, a display LCD, touch screen or internal components, iSesamo makes accessing those components quick and painless. Perfect for iPods, iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys, and many others.

Unlike plastic spudgers, which are often too thick and only good for a single use, iSesamo’s ultra-thin steel design allows for easy entry into microscopic seams and can be used over and over. It comes with a clear, flexible, rubber handle for maximum grip and precision handling as you work.

Open with Care
As always, when working with expensive electronics like the iPhone, iPod or iPad, exercise extreme care as long-term damage can result from excessive force, jarring or scraping. This tool is made of metal and can scratch the casing or glass of your device.

-Professional grade stainless steel construction ensures repeated use
-Ultra-thin design allows for easy opening of numerous devices
-Includes clear, flexible rubber handle
-Ideal for pros and DIYers
-Makes short work of electronics repairs

Material: Professional grade stainless steel & flexible rubber handle
Warranty: One Year

Price: $9.99

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There’s no fancy packaging with the iSesamo, just a plastic bag and a cardboard insert.

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The insert is actually a basic set of instructions for opening things like iPods and iPhones, it also tells you a little bit more about the iSesamo.


The iSesamo is essentially a thin piece of metal with a rubber cover over about 75% of it.



One end is tapered, you can’t see it in the pictures but it’s very tapered actually to almost a razor thin and sharp edge at the point. The end is very sharp really, if you push hard enough it will cut you.



The other end is the same width all the way and it’s a little bit thicker than the tapered end. It’s made for tougher jobs really.


For testing I opened things, things I probably shouldn’t have but I did it anyway and it worked like a charm!

I used it with one of my tablets because I was messing with rooting it and flashing firmware and it kind of froze so I opened it up to see if the battery was removable and I found it wasn’t sadly. Eventually I got the tablet turned off, but the point is that the iSesamo made short work of opening the tablet up, it was quick and easy using this little tool.

The rubber covering works very well to make sure you keep your grip while using the iSesamo.

Bottom line is that it works, and it works great.

One minor complaint would be there’s no case. The iSesamo is thin and I would worry about just tossing it into my toolbox with other tools as it might chip or dull the tip. A case would be very nice to have for this little tool to protect it.

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The iSesamo is a very simple product but yet it’s one that I now think I just can’t live without. This little tool is just so very useful that I can’t believe I‘ve never had one until now.

The iSesamo is a must-have tool for any DIYer out there. If you fix things or just like to take things apart then you need the iSesamo.



+Works great

-A carrying case would be nice


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