Review of Poweradd Pilot X1 5200mAh Battery Charger

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I’ve got a quick review for you today of a small portable battery from Poweradd called the Pilot X1. This battery is 5200mAh in capacity and should provide about two charges for most phones out there today. The Pilot X1 is small and portable, really pocket size and it’s well made and best of all it’s inexpensive coming in at under fifteen dollars. The Pilot X1 has a single USB port on it for charging but it also has a built-in LED light so it would be great for emergency situations or taking it with you on a hike or camping. Read on to learn more…





We’ll start with a quick video unboxing and then the standard..



The Pilot X1 comes in a nice looking package with a window showing the full battery and the back has specs and feature listed.

powerpilot1 powerpilot2


Inside you’ll find various documentation, the Pilot X1 battery, microUSB cable and a USB/AC adapter.


 powerpilot4 powerpilot5


The battery itself is small and portable at 3.46 x 0.87 x 1.60 inches, and weighing in at about 4.2 ounces.



On the end you’ll find a standard USB port for charging your devices, a microUSB for charging the Pilot X1, four LED indicators and an LED light. There’s also a button for checking the battery capacity of the Pilot X1 which is also used to turn the LED light on and off, you just hold the button down and the LED will come on, a quick press of the button will light up the LEDs to indicate charge level.

powerpilot7 powerpilot8


On the opposite end is just the ID label.



Specifications and Features

Poweradd Pilot X1 5200mAh Battery Charger

Poweradd Pilot X series external battery is made of original samsung battery cell, 100% real capacity, quality and high conversion rate guarantee. Smart protection funtions insure safety worry-free usage, portable & lightweight design makes it easy to carry. No more need to worry about your device run out of power by getting this Poweradd Pilot X1 external battery.

Compatible model:
All kinds of Apple and USB-charged Android smartphones;
All kinds of USB-charged tablets;
More other 5V USB-charged devices

–Battery Type: Li-ion battery
–Capacity: 5200mAh
–Life Cycle > 500 Times
–Input: DC 5V / 1000mA
–Output: DC 5V / 1000mA
–Size: 3.46 x 0.87 x 1.60 inches; Weight: 4.20 ounces

Package Contents:
–1 x Poweradd Pilot X1 5200 mAh Battery Charger
–1 x Wall Charger
–1 x Micro USB cable
–1 x User guide

Warranty Policy:
12 months worry-free product guarantee from Poweradd

Price: $13.99 (from Amazon at time of review)


Testing and Usage


When the Pilot X1 arrived for review it was mostly charged as all four LEDs were lit up when I pressed the button, but I charged it just to be safe to make sure it had a full charge. It didn’t take long at all and I didn’t expect it to. You can charge from the USB on your computer or use the included AC adapter for a faster charge.



One of the features I really like about the Pilot X1 is the built-in LED flashlight, it’s something small and most might not consider it important , but to me it’s handy extra to have.



My phone is the HTC One and it was at about 75% charge so I used the Pilot X1 to charge it and when the phone was charged the Pilot X1 was at about 75% capacity. The fourth LED was blinking which means the battery was at 75% to 100% capacity, so it didn’t quite use one fourth of the Pilot X1 battery.

The Poweradd site says this for the battery conditions:

discharge condition
flicking situation     power rate
one light flicking     1%-5%
one light flashing     5%-25%
two light flashing     25%-50%
three light flashing   55%-75%
four light flashing    75%-100%

The HTC One has a 2300mAh battery in it and the Pilot X1 has a 5200mAh battery so you should be able to charge the HTC One at least two times with the Pilot X1 and have a little left over. Charging time was about the same as when I charged the phone via my computer’s USB port, so no surprise there.



The price right now on Amazon for the Pilot X1 is $13.99 which is well worth it at that price for sure.



The Poweradd Pilot X1 is a small and portable battery that you can easily take with you to have extra power on the go.

The built-in 5200 mAh battery should provide at least two charges for most phones and devices.

The built-in LED flashlight is very handy and a welcome addition.

Poweradd included an AC to USB adapter so you can charge the Pilot X1 or you can charge it over a standard USB port.

Using the Pilot X1 is simple, you can use the included microUSB cable or the cable that came with your device. The Pilot X1 has a standard USB port for charging so as long as you have the cable you can charge most any device with the ability to charge over USB

The price of the Pilot X1 is about $14 making it a great deal I think. If you’re looking for some extra power on the go then you can’t go wrong with something like the Pilot X1 surely.


score-10-10 Recommended


+Includes AC adapter
+Built-in LED light
+Should offer at least two charges for most phones and devices
+Well made
+Small and portable

-None really

Grades:10 out of 10
Design / Aestheticscore-10-10
Value / Pricescore-10-10
Performance / Usagescore-10-10

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