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The microSD card has become synonymous with mobile phone memory card really. If you have a phone chances are you have a microSD card in it for storage. With the wide availability and selection of apps today, most likely you’ll be looking to upgrade your storage so you’ll need a bigger microSD card and personally I would get one from a reputable source and one that’s name brand. Mobile Fun is a great source, and SanDisk is a very well known company. Having said that, I guess you already figured out today I have a SanDisk microSD card for you, specifically it’s a 32gb class 4 card. So read on…


SanDisk MicroSDHC Card – 32GB

This tiny SanDisk 32GB transflash Micro SD memory card is perfect for storing photos, music and video.

Sandisk TransFlash / microSD is an ultra small, removable flash memory module designed for mobile devices.
TransFlash / microSD provides a flexible storage solution for your data and music.

Removable memory module.
Expands memory capacity for mobile phones.
The world’s smallest removable storage module.
The TransFlash / microSD memory module can be inserted into an adapter and used in other SD-enabled devices.

Product Specifications:
Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 1 mm (L x W x D).
Class 2 rating
Speed – Up to 2MB/sec. read rate and 7.7 MB/sec write rate.
5 year warranty.

Price: $48.99

We usually start off with box shots, but it’s a microSD card, so there’s not much to show. The card comes in a cardboard hanger style package with a window showing the card.

san32gb1 san32gb2

It’s a microSD card, it’s black and it has information on it, if you’ve seen one microSD card you’ve pretty much seen them all…

san32gb3 san32gb4

On to the testing and I’m just continuing on from the last microSD card review:

32gb Kingston Class4

1gb Kingston microSD

16gb Kingston Class2

8gb Kingston Class4

4gb Sandisk Class4

2gb Kingston microSD

4gb Transcend Class6

16gb ADATA Class10

Kingston 64gb Class 10

SanDisk 32gb Class 4


So now I’ve got screen captures and a graph for you. I’ve only got one other 32gb class 4 card on hand and it’s a Kingston.

So here’s a quick comparison between the two using CrystalDiskMark:

kingston 32gb crystaldiskmasrksandisk 32gb crystaldiskmark

The SanDisk is better by a bit, I guess even slightly faster is better in most cases.

Class 4 cards should get a minimum of 4 MB/sec so the SanDisk 32gb card does go above that, which is very nice.

Next up is the results from ATTO:

1gb kingston 2gb kingston sd 4g sandisk class4 4gb transcend class6 8gb kingston class4 16gb adata class10 16gb kingston class2 32gb kingston class4 atto 64gb kingston sdxc sandisk 32gb 

So you don’t have to click on all of those screen captures I’ve made up a pretty graph for you, ordering is slowest to fastest using the Read speeds.


The top three cards are pretty close as far as Read speeds are concerned, and the SanDisk comes in third place. It seems as though the SanDisk card falls to the lower half if you look at the write speeds but it’s still not bad I guess.

san32gb1 san32gb2 san32gb3 san32gb4

It’s a microSD card, there’s not much to really say about it.

The card does perform above the rated specs which is something nice to see for sure.

The one issue I have with this card is the price, coming in at almost $50, it’s a bit expensive when compared to other 32gb card on the market today.


+Performs over rated speeds

-A bit pricey


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