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News for Wednesday April 30th 2014


Yes I know, no posts yesterday, real life interfered with my day as it were, so by the time I sat down kids were home and it’s hard to get anything done with three kids fighting with each other. Anyway,…

News for Monday April 21st 2014


Happy Monday! It’s Monday again and lots of people are still off because of the holiday, I know my kids and wife are but back to school and work tomorrow. The internet never gets a day off though, it’s always…

News for Saturday December 14th 2013


So, Christmas is almost here.. 11 days now I guess. To me it just means two weeks home with my kids fighting about everything, blah.. When I was a kid I looked forward to Christmas but I don’t really anymore…

Black Friday AOC Monitor Deal


AOC has a deal for you on Black Friday, they’re offering their 27-inch LED LCD monitor for $120 off the original price which makes it $179.99 as it was originally $299.99. That sounds like a great deal to me for…

Review of AOC e1659Fwu USB Monitor


Multiple monitor setups are great for multitasking and improving productivity. I have been using a dual monitor setup for several years and definitely prefer it over the single monitor configuration. Running this type of setup with a desktop is simple…

News for Thursday March 28th 2013


So I was running around all over the place yesterday, didn’t have much time to do anything really. I’ve got reviews to post and a few new things have arrived for review. The bad news is that last night I…

News for Saturday December 15th 2012


Yesterday was a sad day for many people here in the states, as a parent I feel for the other parents involved, but we’re a tech site and it’s just not something that we should be covering I think. I…

AOC Announces New USB 16” Monitor


They call 16” portable? I guess it is as that’s about the size of laptops right? USB monitors are neat I think, they can be very useful, especially if you’re like me and must have multiple monitors. The new AOC…

New Products on technogog


Happy Monday, welcome to a new week and we’ll start it off with a listing of the new products we’ve recently added to our main site. We’ve got projectors, cell phones, netbooks, GPS devices and monitors too!