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Moshi Launches Urban Inspired Bag Line


I’m not sure what’s so urban about these bags. I guess my definition of urban and their definition of urban isn’t the same at all. The new Moshi bags are nice looking yes, but they look more like business bags…

Booq Launches Boa Nerve Messenger Bag


So let’s get back to posting about some cool new products shall we? We’ll start off with a nice looking new messenger bag from Booq called the Boa Nerve. Personally I’m torn between which is my favorite type of bag,…

OGIO Rolls Out 2014 Collection of Bags


I love my OGIO Gambit backpack, I take it with me everywhere when I need a bag, it’s just a top quality bag I think. Ogio has just announced their 2014 collection which includes new backpacks and more. There’s one…