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Review of Bem Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Band


Hello and welcome. Today for review is the Bem (pronounced Beam) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Band. As you may have gleamed from product name, this is basically a speaker that you can take with you everywhere you go. However this is…

Review of Braven 570 Bluetooth Speaker


Up for review today I have the Braven 570 Bluetooth speaker but it’s much more than that as it is also a speakerphone but more importantly it’s also a portable battery to keep your devices charged. The 570 has a…

808 Audio Launches Hex Bluetooth Speakers


Had some server issues yesterday, but they seem to be fixed, so back to our regularly scheduled programming! 808 Audio has just announced three new Bluetooth speakers, the HEX SL, HEX TL and HEX XL and to celebrate they’ve partnered…