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Cougar Announces 300M Gaming Mouse


  Cougar has just announced the 300M gaming mouse which features 4000dpi along with seven programmable buttons and a 1000mhz polling rate. The 300M also features on-board memory that can store up to three separate profiles and it even has…

Cougar Announces 200K Inexpensive Gaming Keyboard


When I think of gaming keyboards I think of mechanical, but before mechanical keyswitches became as popular as they are today most gaming keyboards weren’t mechanical, they were scissor or membrane style switches. Mechanical keyboards are great, I love them,…

Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Review @ Benchmark Reviews


Cougar has become quite proficient in it’s ability to continually surprise with innovation in peripherals. With the most recent iteration of their gaming mouse series, the Cougar 600M, the uncompromising engineering and design approach is stretched to the very limits…

Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Review @ eTeknix


Cougar is relatively new to the gaming peripherals market. the company has had success with their chassis and power supply products, but as many of you know, there’s a booming PC gaming market, and Cougar want in on the action.…

COUGAR 700K Keyboard Review @ Vortez

cougar 700k review - intro

700K is COUGAR’s top of the line mechanical gaming keyboard which comes equipped with Cherry MX black, brown, blue or red switches. COUGAR has furnished this keyboard with a sturdy aluminium panel and armed it with a multitude of customisable…

COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse Review @ NikKTech


Just like most things related to PC systems (and not only) gaming peripherals are getting more advanced and innovative each day that goes by so currently we have numerous gaming keyboards, headsets and mice aimed at serious gamers and professionals…

Cougar 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review @ TweakTown


QUOTE:“Today Chad dives in and tells us all about Cougar’s newest gaming keyboard, the 700K mechanical. Should it find a place under your tree this year?” For more information, please visit – http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/6848/cougar-700k-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-review/index.html

Cougar 700K Keyboard Review @ Modders-Inc


A product’s function is not solely reliant on the designer but also shaped by the intended audience. Problem arises when there is a disconnect between intention, marketing and reception; the result being a product that is supposed to perform well…

NikKTech & COUGAR Worldwide Giveaway

Get a 700M

Title: NikKTech & COUGAR Worldwide Giveaway Description: For our 45th worldwide giveaway we are giving everyone the chance to win one out of three 700M Gaming Mice by COUGAR. Article Link: http://www.nikktech.com/main/contests/4265-45-nikktech-cougar-worldwide-giveaway

News for Wednesday October 9th 2013


Hello and happy Wednesday.. the big news this week is the AMD video card launch and I’ve got a lot of those reviews in the news for you today along with a nice assortment of everything else. So you go…

News for Saturday August 17th 2013


Time for the news once again.. I’ve been busy the last couple day, working on a 32 camera CCTV system I installed, so that’s why I haven’t been here. I’m back now, all is fixed and working so I can…

Cougar Intros Archon Gaming Case


Black and orange, I like the colors of this new case from Cougar. The new case is called the Archon and it’s black on the outside with an orange motherboard tray, HDD racks and a few other details as well.…