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Review of Synology DiskStation DS415play NAS

DS415 18

A couple of years ago I looked at the DS214play, Synology’s network attached server designed for multimedia playback. Since then Synology has updated their Play line with the DS415play – a four-bay NAS capable of housing 32 TB total storage.…

Review of Synology DiskStation DS415+ NAS


Reports of security breaches and data theft have become quite frequent in recent weeks. With the well-publicized Sony attack the importance of securing data whether for business or personal use has become more apparent. One of the best ways to…

Synology DiskStation DS415+ NAS Review @ techPowerUp


Synology recently introduced the DS415+. This four-bay NAS mostly targets SMB users and is the first to use an Intel Rangeley quad-core CPU, which allows for very high performance in every possible usage scenario. Link:http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Synology/DS415Plus/  

Synology Announces DiskStation Manager 5.0


Synology has just announced version 5.0 of DiskStation Manager available to many models of the Synology DiskStations. The new manager is the operating system and it adds many new and great features. Details below for you and link to download…

Review of Synology DiskStation DS1513+ NAS

DS1513 01

On the X-Files one of the tenets of Agent Mulder was – “trust no one”. With the recent NSA and PRISM disclosures this mantra seems more prophetic than ever imagined. Companies we thought were keeping our information safe such as…

Review of Synology DiskStation DS713+


As the world becomes more digitally based, data management and protection is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Network Attached Devices are a great way to manage and backup personal or business data since they can act as central…

Review of Synology DiskStation DS213 NAS


Over the past year we at technogog have reviewed numerous NAS units. During this time Synology has provided us with several different models ranging from those aimed at the home user to others targeting large-scale business. Today we will be…

Review of Synology DiskStation DS712+

DS712 __01

In the past we have reviewed several Synology NAS Servers coming away with positive impressions. Synology continues to innovate their products both on the hardware platform and software side. New hardware iterations add speed with significant performance gains while updates…