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News for Thursday May 30th 2013


So it’s Thursday and the end of May is almost here and I’m miserable, I messed up my back again yesterday and I’m in excruciating pain just sitting here and I can’t fully stand up straight. Not fun at all……

Maingear PCs feature GTX 470/480


The new Nvidia cards launched last week and if you’re looking to get a pre-built system with one or even three of them in there then Maingear has got you covered with their Shift computer. The single fastest GPU in…

AC Product Launch: Accelero XTREME GTX Pro


The  Swiss  low  noise  cooling  solution provider ARCTIC COOLING today unveiled the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro, a new VGA cooler of  the  reputable Accelero  series. This 3-fan solution  is designed  for  the high-end nVIDIA GeForce GTX series, offering gamers a…